What makeup can be used after it has expired

nemnogim girls to indulge in buying new cosmetics is very difficult. Something a friend advised me on this product was discounts, a new limited edition collection, the fragrance is like — reasons to indulge in your favorite may be too much. Here are filled with women’s lockers, dressing table and wash countless jars, tubes, bottles and other items of heavy artillery for beauty unearthly. But if the face is one thing, but the tube very much, it is physically impossible to use them for the short 6-12 months, which the manufacturer gives for their quality of “life” after opening. “Today” together with specialists of Kyiv “beauty Institute” understood how to properly use makeup.


For the safety of creams are also influenced by the form of a tube or jars. “If you buy an expensive tool, which I plan to use for a long time, pick packing in tubes or containers with a spout or spray, says beautician Alla Ermak. — Hermetical packing, the smaller its contents in contact with air and your fingers, the longer it persists.” Worst capacity for storage is considered to be the cream jar with a wide neck: with that kind of container the cream is better to take a special blade. Also make sure the jars were stored in a cool place, without access to sunlight.


I’m sure many girls felt a sense of guilt to your wallet, intending to send it to the bin hygienic and decorative cosmetics, the shelf life which has already ended and the hands or face up to them and not “came”. Here the question arises — is it possible to save some, and use some expired products? Expert opinions in this matter differ.

According to some beauticians, often the manufacturers put in their product a slightly longer shelf life than indicated on the package to prevent potential problems. But how many will live to your favorite cream after expiration of the legal term, thoroughly unknown, because its quality depends on the storage conditions. So, after opening the jar it immediately, despite all the protection and preservatives, after contact with the fingers/air/sponges/brushes start to breed germs and destroy useful structure.

CREAM AND CO. As a rule, after opening the cream in the jar “lives” no longer than 6 months, and in tube or jar with dispenser — 12, experts say. Pay attention to the smell (should not be musty or rancid) and appearance. So, you should alert weird look, change the texture and consistency (liquid or, on the contrary, granules), are “gases.” If you see these “symptoms” — just send the cream into the trash without hesitation.

LIPSTICK. In addition to the fragrances, to spoil nothing, say beauticians: expired lipstick fresh is different from that on the lips it kept worse and can slide into lumps.

PRESSED POWDER AND SHADOWS. Dry products can be stored for years without loss of its properties: it is enough to close them securely and use clean sponges and brushes (shadow on the basis of the cream, this rule does not apply).

MASCARA. The most perishable, and therefore are dangerous to the health facility. First lose their properties of its antibacterial and preservative components. After opening the mascara, you can use a maximum of six months.


Tatyana Sorokina, cosmetologist, chief physician of the Kiev “Institute of beauty”:

“Find cosmetics should be depending on what effect you want to achieve. Remember: any care includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nutrition and protection. To prevent harm and to achieve the best result, it is important to choose individual care. For this you need to determine your skin type. This can be done at home. Prepare the night on the bedside table napkin, spoon and a mirror. Do not apply any products before going to sleep. Just waking up, not getting out of bed, apply to different areas of the face cloth — if you have any residue, you have oily skin. Then mirror — if it’s a little misted, then a moisturizing all is well. And the last action — swipe a spoon on the cheeks and forehead — if there are pink or white marks, should pick up care for sensitive skin.

Cosmetics for skin with problems I recommend to not buy in the store, and the pharmacy, because these funds are intended to combat the disadvantages and therefore work much better. You can also consult a beautician who will assess the condition of your skin. If this is not possible, you can contact the consultants at the pharmacy — they are usually well trained. When selecting a new money read reviews online. Forewarned is forearmed”.