How gay Disney?

Society held its breath, and in Russia again erupted hot like machine gun fire, disputes. Why? Gay film Director bill Condon (Bill Condon) said that real new adaptation of disney’s “beauty and the beast” is not just the first openly gay character in the universe of Mickey mouse, but even the “unambiguous gay-moment” at the end. Yes, it is true, of course, if you don’t blink in this moment, it’s so short.

So the propaganda worked. In all the headlines and controversy about how this moment homosexual, conducted not only between gays and lesbians. In Moscow, the Deputy Vitaly Milonov who is responsible for the wording of the law against “homosexual propaganda” and demanded to ban the film. So far the Russian authorities will not go, but to let the film be only 16 years old. So, Disney can still earn and show off your decidedly liberal attitude. In Russia, where the law on domestic violence just toned down in favor of men, it seems nobody cares about the fact that the main character falls in love with a Beautiful creature, very similar to Buffalo.

Homosexuals from Disney: you can only hand to wave — what an old topic! It’s logical that such a piercing colorful, artificial, flashy, ecstatic world of animation strictly conservative, but the dollars often still are tolerant of Walt from the very beginning attracted creative homosexuals. Here it was possible to be even more a Queen than in a very homosexual film location Los Angeles. That’s just not necessary to show it too openly. However, in Disney theme parks have long been quite frankly treated LGBT employees. On the first Saturday of June in Orlando is always done (albeit informally) “a gay Day in the magic Kingdom”, in 2017 — already in 19-th time.

Hollywood has long been much skillfully encode. Fill in the evening the Disney cartoons that were supposed to work on the audience of different generations than ever before and at different levels, in most cases there are not-so-subtle homosexual component. How else can one explain the fact that Dumbo, this timid, gentle, absolutely not the courageous elephant, in 1941 dreamed of a pink elephant ballet? The year before that, also great dancing hippos in “Fantasia” was a feast for the homosexual environment. And in the second full-length animated Disney movie “Pinocchio” (1940) cartoon a friend of the hero, Jiminy cricket wearing chaps, a hat and a cane umbrella, similar to the embodiment of the dancing of Fred Astaire (Fred Astaire), was shown so that there were quite a couple of homosexual issues.

In addition, since the first of the classic Disney movie “Snow white” (1937) considered that the characters were often outsiders. And in the current blockbuster — emancipated, well-read and beautiful, and so doesn’t want to fit into the village community, and her supposedly crazy father, not to mention a monster whom the villagers declared intolerant witch hunt (“we don’t like, if we don’t understand”). Without costing about women of the dwarves in “snow white” also there were rumors, especially about played too soft a happy ending. And is similar to the model of all the disney villains stepmother — in essence, not a drag Queen? Like its real prototype, mannish man-killer Joan Crawford (Joan Crawford), which is still considered a lady’s imitation.

Maleficent in “Sleeping beauty” (in the movie played by Angelina Jolie, who willingly flirts with a lesbian partner) and Cruela De vil (Cruella de Vil) (“101 Dalmatians”) was in fact conceived as transvestites. This is especially true of the sea witch Ursula in “the little Mermaid”, the film, which in 1989 began the so-called Disney Renaissance, a revival in fact already written off the Studio. Ariel and her films, the sisters were completely done as the animated musical, when composer Alan Menken (Alan Menken) and homosexual, died 1991 from the effects of AIDS, lyricist Howard Ashman (Howard Asman) joined the group Disney. And also the scheming Scar in “the lion King” (1994) shows extremely exalted, but is only a parody of Shere Khan from “the jungle Book”.

Animated version of “beauty and the beast” (1991), then, in its unusual, excessive Rococo luxury, a sort of mottled pink-red antithesis of grotesquely grim classic film by Jean Cocteau (Jean Cocteau), who 1946, with its poetic adaptation of the fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de beaumont (Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont) has set his lover Jean Marais (Jean Marais), who played the beast, homosexual monument. The material is then consistently mutated in 1994, the first disney Broadway musical. To our days, it worldwide looked about 25 million people. And now for those with a this name associates with his childhood, a chain of transformations is increased by one unit with three new songs and a couple of other twists in this story.

The new version of “beauty and the beast” lasts is a compact 84 minutes longer than two hours, it is possible — if desired — to watch in 3D. Has changed not only the epic width of the piece. Here there are the walls, living things wink and move smoothly. Sometimes it becomes a kind of riding the “roller coaster” through the virtual space. Even such a great room as the song “Be our guest!” (“Be our Guest”) almost do not fall out of an artificial framework.

And it is not necessary to give to blind you to many famous names in the credits: Emma Thompson (Emma Thompson) in the role of the kettle, Ewan McGregor (Ewan McGregor) in the role of candlestick, Ian McKellen (Ian McKellen) — watch Stanley Tucci (Stanley Tucci) — in the role that appears in the new film harpsichord and Audra McDonald (Audra McDonald) in the role of the Cabinet — all of them only at the end of turn human. Kevin Kline (Kevin Kline) in the role of the Pope often looks good enough, and Emma Watson (Emma Watson) in the role of beauty a bit more irritable than her cartoon version. But otherwise you just have to love the luxury of fairy tales and happy ending.

A homosexual figure? Real men here are still quite pale, in the end is not so beautiful Prince charming Dan Stevens (Dan Stevens), but in a measure selfish Gaston, who walks with a beautiful woman and played just a homosexual actor Luke Evans (Luke Evans). And it, in turn, sighs heterosexual actor Josh Gad (John Gad). It’s all about the sexual proclivities — played and real.


The output of the actor for the best supporting roles named LeFou (“the fool”), which is round like a ball, with shortness of breath as the deceased Dirk Bach (Dirk Bach), — this is the most “gay-moment”, when he suddenly dance takes the hand of one guy, who is like a woman. So Disney creates a warm homosexual clichés that seem old-fashioned since the days of black-and-white days of Hollywood with Edward Everett Horton (Edward Everett Horton) or Eric about Blore (Eric Blore). And even Director bill Condon, which received the 1998 Oscar for the screenplay of “Gods and monsters” about the life of gay Director of “Frankenstein” by James Whale (James Whale), then went much further.


So we will have to wait for the first disney Princess lesbians. But wait: wasn’t in 2014 it “the snow Queen” Elsa? So we don’t spill the beans!