Meat diet: how to lose weight

Disputes about the dangers and benefits of meat do not cease. Many believe that it is a very bad product, but someone simply can not imagine without it your diet. But there are those who look at meat as an effective way to lose weight, according to

The principle meat diet

To comply with meat diet is not difficult. Just in the diet should not be a lot of carbohydrates and fatty foods, i.e. potatoes, sweets, pasta, grain, butter, and white flour products. In the diet should also not eat breads, cereals, fruits, corn and dairy products. Do not drink alcohol and sweet drinks. It turns out that you can eat only meat, eggs, fish and some vegetables. Drinks are limited to tea, unsweetened coffee, mineral water and milk.

Vegetables, in fact, banned only carrots and potatoes, and other vegetables can be used for salads. To fill their need lemon juice or olive oil. The food is better not to add salt, but if it has become a tradition, a couple pinches, you can still add flavor.

The whole daily ration is divided into five approximately equal parts. But all five meals should end before 20:00.

Also during the reception, the food can’t drink. Better make it half an hour after eating. During the day you can eat 450 grams of meat.

Efficiency meat diet for weight loss

When carbohydrates cannot be delivered into the body at the same time cease to appear, and glucose. As you know, glucose can be called a source of energy, but when it is not, the body gets energy by burning fat that will give you the desired result, which will be measured in pounds dropped.

Disadvantages of a meat diet

After all that meat splintered, need to spend a lot of energy, and this can cause stomach problems. Experts say that the disappearance from the diet of carbohydrates can be accompanied by headaches, fatigue and depression.