What drinks quench thirst in the heat

Opinions on this subject a lot: someone said that would help only water, others have more trust in tea, while others believe in the unsurpassed effect of dairy products, reports mn.ru.

1. Lemonade

Lemonade is a favorite children’s drink in the heat. Especially given the variety of flavors that are now offered by manufacturers. However, many believe that if to drink hot lemonade, it is only natural. And it consists of two simple ingredients: water and citric juices (pieces of fruit added if desired). However, some believe that even natural lemonade must be added sugar or honey.

2. Juice

Fruit juice is useful at elevated temperatures, because not only quenches thirst with taste, but also contains a lot of vitamins. For best effect it is recommended to consume fresh juices. However, no more than once a day because this drink has the ability to irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach until the gastritis. In addition, the natural juices are always saturated with sugars. In this difficult situation there is a simple solution: any juice, whether fresh or purchased, can be diluted with water.

3. Tea

In Central Asia, China and Japan it is believed that hot tea stimulates perspiration and thus removes heat from the body, cooling it. Also, it is believed that the tea contains trace minerals that can reduce body temperature, and they are extremely aktiviziruyutsya when the beverage is hot. Everything else is tea is rich in vitamin P which good for blood vessels and vitamins C and B.

4. Yogurt

It is considered that dairy products contain in their composition of organic acids that quench your thirst. Besides, they are quickly digested: for the hour yogurt, for example, is absorbed almost completely, whereas milk is only one-third. And bifidokefir enriched by a specific beneficial bacteria, will not only save you from thirst, but will also help to restore intestinal flora.

5. Brew

According to the Chronicles, the first mention of kvass dates to around the late 10th century. Traditionally in Russia kvass was perceived not only as a beverage, but was used as a dressing for cold soups. It is believed that kvass is made according to traditional recipe, quenches thirst at the expense of amino acids and carbon dioxide. In addition, this soft drink has antibacterial properties.

6. Smoothies

In recent years a great popularity in cafes and restaurants has gained a smoothie. It’s a cocktail of dairy products and fresh fruits that you can and get drunk, and eat at the same time. Smoothies are often positioned as a snack, and people sitting on a diet, even recommend replacing this useful drink is one of the meals.