Why ventilate the room before going to sleep

Most people believe that ventilation is necessary to fill the room with oxygen, but it is only one of the important reasons for airing, writes psyson.ru.

During the life of the person produces a lot of moisture through breathing, sweating – excessive moisture in the air worsens the cool microclimate of a bedroom. Also in the air are harmful microorganisms and dust.

However, all these negative factors can be easily remove after the regular airing. People who forget to do it, then often suffer from insomnia or problems associated with long sleep.

Ventilate the room before going to sleep should be at least twice a day – morning and evening. Night ventilation need to organize when the bed is already made. To ventilate the room sufficiently 10-30 minutes.

Try not to allow the emergence of drafts – do not open Windows opposite each other so that you can easily get sick.