About antirusizm

Antirusizm is a psychological phenomenon that is associated with not having examples of the situation, and we do not know which of the two factors is the cause (not ruled out the possibility that the reason lies in a completely different, and that these two factors are only its consequences). It concerns a country, whose position does not have examples because of the almost totalitarian universalism in categorical judgment, which entails the psychological phenomenon (of course, only one American-Western block, AZB). China, Syria (if we are not talking about Assad and his ties with Russia), Iran, North Korea, etc. — none of these countries is just as unanimous critics AZB for an equally long period, in all areas and with the same sorts of stigma. We see clearly the rhetoric is directed, aggressive and even bellicose statements, scarcely veiled threats, the gap consultations and diplomatic, cultural and other relations, if it does not entail any particular prejudice to the decision of the country, etc. Antirusizm is accompanied by a unique diplomatic and informational situation. We are talking about psychological and informational phenomenon, whose essence is different from anything that existed previously in this area. In this he echoes the views of the former head of the SVR Leonid Servalina: “the West wants Russia to only one thing — that it was not” (“And what would she never existed” — we may add). We are interested in the psychological aspect.

You should start with a General diagnosis of the concept, and to avoid possible inaccuracies, let’s be clear: in our opinion, are witnessing today is destructive and completely mindless antirusizm, of course, is pathology. This means that the West is ill, that his antirusizm has no relationship to the political, strategic, or some other situation that would explain a confrontation, and antagonism or confrontation with Russia.

Digression: a few words about Russia

We do not believe that Russia is an innocent victim or a hardened criminal. In any case, the speech at Glossaire.dde is not about that. For this question you can tell a lot, and we will discuss it with other opportunities. Now we want to clarify that in any case are not talking about Russia with the political, strategic and spiritual point of view or through the lens of psychology. Antirusizm develops without serious immediate ties with Russia in these areas, and that this extraordinary trait you want to emphasize antirusizm exists without the need for actions and even the existence of Russia.

We are most certainly indicated our position on this issue, which from our point of view does not require any conviction. If we requested from a scientific or statistical justification, we would say that at least 90% or even 95% of all the accusations of Russia in terms of aggression, cheating, aggressive behavior, etc., not just untrue, but a fiction derived anti-Russian, Russophobic fit that fit into the course of antirusizm.

Russia behaves as a great power with appropriate tactical solutions and strategic vision, and its objective is the desire for stability with the protection of sovereignty. As for coming from the same sources of charges from the point of view of humanism, morality, democracy, etc., they do not warrant discussion because they represent an illusion, a complete distortion affirm their values and fall in the narrative determinism. In other words, Russia is impossible and unthinkable to be judged on the basis of the allegations of the systems and their zombies, which are the madness of pure water. Russia can be judged, but only relying on is completely alien to this trend, the sources and criteria.

The main category of “anti-impulse”

As you know, in the West or the already mentioned us AZB in 2012, when Russia began to assert itself on the Syrian conflict, and particularly since February 2014 (the coup in Kiev) is consistently gaining strength aimed against Russia hysterical paroxysm in the form of impulse, the subject of which is a kind of fictitious and non-existent (she becomes the object of the phobia). This allows us to identify anti-Russian impulse (under the category “antirusizm”) for ideological or humanitarian cover, which is used here most often. We intentionally provide this due to mechanical forces phenomenon definitions, which may seem contradictory or irrelevant from the point of view of pathology, because we have identified the behavior belongs to such category. We are talking about completely arbitrary and the unconscious representation of a certain similarity judgments, which in fact is just twisted with maniacal phobia impulse.

The antirusizm wants to present themselves in a completely rational phenomenon, in terms of what it generates, and not a sign of a psychological disorder. From our point of view this approach is fundamentally wrong in the power of the strongest distortion of the concept of policy in General in AZB that is trying to bring some kind of substantiation under N. V. Kulikovskaya your antirusizm. At the same time, this justifies the use of the word “antirusizm” and not “Russophobia”, despite their very close, not to say ontological. To pure psychological description of the phenomenon, for example, that “modern Russophobia” is driven by impulse, who without hesitation can be called anti-Russian.

Anatomy pathology psychology

We describe below a variety of technical and highly psychological aspects, because from here originates the described phenomenon of antirusizm.

Just above we talked about “constantly gaining momentum hysterical paroxysm”, which at first sight seems impossible, because the paroxysm necessarily represents the highest point beyond which there is nothing but quick decline. Only now, in our case, we invariably reach the top (paroxysm) and see her other top (paroxysm), which immediately start to climb. This behavior is the result of the continuous formation of paroxysms outside the current paroxysm, and it is remarkable the originality of this disease… Nothing can stop progress, if we are talking about the psychological expression of the anti-Russian aggression.

We chose the concept of “impulse” to clearly reflect a completely mechanical and mindless nature of the process: it is beyond any rational approach and refers to the Nizam of human nature, where the psyche aktiviziruyutsya organic matter in the depths and the deepest cesspool of the negative side of thinking. This solution is designed to give an intelligent evaluation of large-scale movements called “antirusizm”, which today is the dominant figure in AZB “antagonistic ideas”: literally, we are talking about the dissolution of thoughts in the scrap pile of a civilization, which in fact turned into a counter-civilization and the very real trash, where her decomposing body absorb the worms, rats and roots of plants.

In our assessment, we are rather talking about antirusizm, not Russophobia, as did and do those who believe (their arguments, by the way, worthy of attention) that we are talking exclusively about the psychological reflex, part of which is the aforesaid impulse. In addition, this phenomenon has one important informational aspect: it tries to present itself as a policy and political judgment, but actually is pseudopolitical and pseudopolitical judgment. We are talking about antirusizm, not Russophobia, which is a psychological reaction of fear and refers to the “totality of psychological disorders, focused on external education or action that may cause strong and irrational fear”.

All this of course, does not mean that we believe that Russophobia is not worthy of attention and have no direct connection with the antirusizm, which (as we shall soon see) is highly unusual antagonistic position that has no precedent and is directly related to exceptional conditions of the modern era, when psychology occupies an important place… In this case, modern antirusizm has a direct relationship with the Russophobia. Antirusizm without losing their basic qualities, systematically generates Russophobia from those covers, that is, primarily, a system of elite AZB and herds. Their antirusizm is a reflection of the emotional pseudopolitical and manifests itself in the political sphere with a direct link (in terms of formation and aggravation) with their emaciated psychology, which forms Russophobia. Of course, the second does not negate the first, but rather nurtures it, setting direct and two-way communication (it is absolutely logical and inevitable) between emotional pseudopolitical and psychology.

We could say as the antirusizm and about Russophobia in General, however, depending on the selected topics need to focus on one thing. About Russophobia it is in the case when we touch on the psychology of sapiens, that is, for the most part the system a zombie. Antirusizm also arises when we consider the topic more broadly as an operational perspective and from a cultural and spiritual positions (they are interesting to us in the first place). We’re talking about antirusizm because Russophobia includes everything else. We see it in the same sense that anti-Americanism, that is, in a very broad sense, where political positions are intertwined with cultural.

Considered in this way, anti-Americanism may entail amerikanofobiyu, which (since the US are the driving force of the system) for the system of Americanism, not America itself. However, unlike antirusizm is not systematic, as not all antiamerikanische psychology as exhausted and vulnerable as antirossiyskie. Often this is due to the fact that anti-American hold anti-systemic views and resisted the system because of its psychology, which has demonstrated considerable resilience. Thus, for them, a phobia is not an inevitable consequence.

The operational aspect: trump and antirusizm

So, we dealt with concepts that allow a better present we are interested in the situation, and now come to the previously specified operating point. We develop a definition of antirusizm on the basis of information published on this website material (“Armageddon of antirusizm”, December 22, 2016) from which we borrow a few extracts in different forms. It will be interesting to recall that in this material, where antirusizm for the most part seemed like a relevant topic, we wrote in this vein, all that we were aware of the elected President of the United States Donald trump. From July-August election campaign was distinguished by the present hysteria of antirusizm, which reached a new level and has been reflected in several countries in the AZB (in particular in the camp of Macron during the French election): espionage, manipulation, influence media and cybernetic means, including via the Internet, WikiLeaks, etc.

Trump called (the Democrats in order to divert attention from the corruption revelations of WikiLeaks and the globalist groups of socially progressive sense) “agent of Moscow” (“the Siberian candidate”, as elegantly expressed by Paul Krugman, referring to the cultural and cinematic model of the “Manchurian candidate”). The article from December 22, 2016, we give the definition of the operational situation in the sphere of information and the impact of antirusizm in the United States, where this phenomenon represents an important political factor, is made explicit and serves as a source of inspiration for countries AZB, has long been a homogeneous docile herd:

“To the consideration of this question we are definitely pushing the political situation in the United States: “the New President will improve and soothe relations with Russia…” we think, now inevitable the entry of the trump office of the 45th President will only exacerbate the antirusizm, which in its internal variation, despite the apparent contradiction becomes acute form of antitrombina with the formation of trump image of a disciple of Hitler, whose only goal is to destroy democracy. (Here there is a blatant contradiction between the “trump is a pawn of Putin”, which is completely dominated by the pernicious influence of Russia (a direct result of antirusizm) and “tramp-Hitler”, which is keen only on his own authority (an indirect result of antirusizm). But unless the contradiction can stop the madness? No, it only relishes it as a favorite dish…) battalions of the ultra-left and social progressives who blindly obey hypercapitalism and hyperglobalism, adopting their militant attitude, simply cannot exist without this radical position, without turning back devoid of narrative. For them — this is the main reason of existence, the real oxygen. Are intertwined with almost animal instinct things in any case can not become the object of rational criticism of a philosopher or a measured analysis of geopolitics. We are in the realm of madness and because of their own weakness of psychology, and to give operational events can only Institute which draws on the experience and psychological rigidity.

Such is the current situation in the United States. As we have repeated almost every day, she without a doubt has the highest value at the crisis whirlpool that drags our contriversal to what seems to us its collapse. In addition, we are completely unable to make a clear forecast of the situation in the United States for a month or even a week in advance… anyway, in this operating situation begs one very important and concerning topics raised by us output, which is an integral part of things happening around the logic of madness: the dominant system antirusizm will not give an inch and will only gain momentum tomorrow and the day after to such an extent that the policy of trump (if she will follow his promises) will look like a “dissident”.

Antirusizm — lernaean Hydra of post-modernism

Now, when we make this material, it will be interesting to consider how the situation has changed in the United States in terms of antirusizm and relationship to Trump that fits to the 100 days of his tenure as President. It is characterized by a phenomenal turn in the orientation of foreign policy trump. All of this could be described as the transformation of trump trump 1.0 to 2.0. At first trump were of course “America first” with the project of the US withdrawal from a number of outside regions and rejection of any new military interventions that assumed in the first place a significant improvement in relations with Russia until the active cooperation in several areas, especially in Syria. Then his policy became friendly with the militant positions of the neoconservatives and now involves a wide field for the interference of generals, including those that appear in his administration (Mattis and Kelly head the ministries of defense and internal security, MacMaster holds the post of National security adviser).

Tramp 2.0 is, of course, refused all plans of rapprochement with Russia: it all came down to the fact that relations between the two countries “struck bottom,” that is, became even worse than during the last three years of Obama. This situation was marked by the launches of Tomahawk cruise missiles on the Syrian base, militant, yet theatrical statements about North Korea… However, around here there are theatrics, even in the rocket attack, which played a rather symbolic (and highly controversial) than an operational role. USA (this applies to both trump and his generals) is incapable of something much more serious than the theatre, especially when there is a risk of collision with operating extremely tough opponents (Russia), which may lead to corresponding consequences. As for the rest, nothing unusual there, since we live in the information age and PR (is easy to guess that antirusizm is an extreme manifestation of it).

The transition from 1.0 to trump Trump 2.0 for a few days was summoned to Washington almost sexual ecstasy. We say that the President of the United States fully took advantage of the popularity of his decision. At some point you have to think about the terrible campaign in the autumn of 2016 forgotten. There it was…

Russiagate, as immediately dubbed cobbled together don’t get what the scandal of the trump and of Russia, did not come to an end, as it seemed after the launch of Tomahawk in early April. On 21 April it became known that the Commission on the exploration of the lower house of Congress sent to the Directors of the FBI and the NSA an order to appear may 2, marking the official beginning of the investigation (the project itself and its background have become the object of acute controversy) about the possible intervention of Russia in election 2016. All this inevitably puts trump, despite all the missiles in the field hysterical disputes. One consequence of the pressure of postmodern Hydra of antirusizm which the President trump tries to fight back, can be a real war. So, at the end of April, some thought that this may be a conflict with North Korea. If you don’t count nuclear scenario, which may finally close this issue (and many others), calm in the heat of antirusizm not expected. It represents something like a modern lernaean Hydra, only instead of one of the severed head she has grown, not two, but ten or twenty…

Genealogy intrusismo

Now let’s look at the history of the phenomenon. In the past we have repeatedly raised the issue of antirusizm. It seems to us that it has indisputable chronology, which characterizes it as something unique that could give rise to a monstrous our era. We believe that his date of birth is known accurately and clearly defined. It appeared in its current form, as something unprecedented, overwhelming and alien to rational judgment, as a protracted nervous crisis, as has become normal crazy, like destroy the space-time framework of a nuclear explosion. We believe that this particular antirusizm arose after the coup (with the seal of the CIA) in Kiev February 21, 2014.

Earlier antirusizm was latent and manageable, he had his UPS and downs, and he stayed in the field of rationality, despite the radical events following 11 September 2001. Moreover, it even viewed which went against the General trend points (it is worth remembering how Bush said to all that he looked into Putin’s eyes and saw the soul). In the latent antirusizm there has been a slight upturn in August 2008 after the Georgian provocation of Saakashvili, which resulted in a response in the form of the invasion of the 18-th army of the Russian Federation. He began to increasingly flow in the direction of irrational hysteria against the backdrop of the events in Syria in 2012-2013 and of striving for a “color revolution” in Russia before and during Putin’s reelection (March 2013). This was followed by striking a “heroic” Saga of Pussy Riot, a splendid example of the postmodern crusade, which indicates the excessive magnitude of our ambitions.

Anyway, after the events in Ukraine, we entered into another world, a world of boundless illusory perception, psychosis and madness. Since then, the reality simply splits the incredible power of the system in the information environment. This is for the most part with the actions amerikanische model or the “anglosphere”, in the phase of decline and collapse. As a result, the antirusizm extends into the world of counter-civilization AZB as “phantom plague” or Christianity in the Roman Empire in the III century.

The splitting of reality (the destructurization, deconstruction)

This splitting of reality refers to the perception of the two extreme poles. The first is the narrative, which immediately turns into a narrative determinism (or the obligation to follow the narrative after the formative circumstances: accidental becomes the essence and everything is quickly slipping to the brink of madness). The second pole is situational however, the basis of resistance to the monstrous trap in the swamp, the cesspool, the shifting Sands of perception. In other words, it is anti-systemic dynamics, which tells every person that he has a way out of the psychological prison of narrative determinism with its own forces, intuition, experience and reason, free from the ravages of postmodernism. Situational truth is formed by the moments of truth and allows you to restore the true picture of the world, at least in this moment or in this situation.

Situational truth — not just one of several truths, which tells us Reconstructionist school, Foucault, and Deleuze Derrida that gave rise to the conceptualist psychology with emptiness and vacuum in the form of the ultimate goal. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite: a situational law is the flash of truth, that is a piece of the only possible Truth, which was manifested at a certain point in clearly defined circumstances… It is in this context we put the analysis and definition of antirusizm.

A child of the post-modernist barbarism

The first time we tried to develop an analytical approach 14 may 2015 after the Sochi meeting between Putin, Lavrov and Kerry, which ended on an optimistic note about the Ukrainian crisis and even possibilities on the Syrian crisis. We dedicated part of the material “Russophobia”, with little thought used the concept and focusing mostly on the psychology that become the object of antirusizm. Anyway, to use in this case would have precisely the concept of “antirusizm”.

“We think this case is so remarkable that mentioned “Russophobia” is a very unusual thing, which is beyond the limits of historical explanations. She is so elusive, he could not give a rational explanation for itself (there is not even a statement of rationality, which could be identified and dealt with in a rational manner). If we consider the Russophobia as emotional pseudopolitical and not feeling that based on the facts and opinions, there is constant pressure, forming an unconscious paralysis of the mind, limiting the ability to draw conclusions and impose our depleted blood filter that prevents them of the opportunities of perception. The strength of this Russophobia is due to the depletion of our civilization, which can be satisfied only in the case if nothing was providing open resistance. The fact that everything has that same resistance becomes a mirror reflecting her terrible decline. This position, of course imposed on us by the dominant system, which can no longer accept something different from it, immediately labeling it as a source of uncompromising resistance.”

Today episode of USA in 2016 have heightened tensions between the two poles (narrative determinism vs. situational truth), and brought us closer to the disaster (in particular against the background of evidence of the seriousness of hypotheses for the collapse of the United States). Given the Central role of the United States as the driving force of the system, this system conducts direct intervention and nourishes emerged in 2014 antirusizm to its transformation into a metahistorical phenomenon with the appropriate psychological consequences. It is a beyond sanity and common sense a desperate rush to defend against the only power which can greatly accelerate the collapse of the system of his spiritual strength and powerful traditional component (but turns into an employee operating a justification myth).

This obsessive antirusizm the sole superpower is to be perceived as what he really is, that is, as fully rational and operational inconsistencies as intellectual filth and squalor that drives startling in its aggression and volume of information flow, calling terrorism is a modern barbarism. He has the superpower system in the information environment, however, its full absurdity exposes the system to ridicule. Antirusizm conglomeration of similarity information with harmful effects on psychology, a certain way has become the primary operating method of self-destruction system. It’s not well-built design, and of monstrous size layering, which falsely claims to be a kind of ontology. We live in a time of desperate superpower system (the fact that it turns into self-destruction), and the poverty and paucity of this tactic directly point to the fallacy of this strategic inversion.

Red rag to a bull

In the current antirusizm there is not a shred of credibility, rationality and consistency. He doesn’t bother with proofs, demonstrations, political or some other logic. It is a rushed forward only superpower, whose outburst the more desperate that there is an unconscious understanding of panic that everything is on the path of self-destruction. Trapped systems are not only we, despite all the suffering and uncertainty that haunt us in this superhuman struggle. First of all, it concerns the system itself, which turns her superpower crisis formed a vortex in the vortex of her self-destruction: he now leads not to anthropization situation in the world, and to the black hole of self-destruction system. In this whirlwind of large-scale transformations of Russia played an exceptional role in the sense that it is both red rag antirusizm bull which he brandishes in front of him, to provoke yourself, and an ingredient of antirusizm not giving a clean red rag, whose operational effect (and meta-historical role) is a rock of self-destruction of superpowers.

Therefore, we should rationally take (without theological demonstrations and religious passions) hypothesis of the action of supernatural powers in the background of the fact that meta-historical sphere becomes the site of this Armageddon. In these circumstances, it is impossible not to mention the obvious role of Russia, which, paradoxically, has fixed a course for self-destruction system in system artifact called “antirusizm” (without any connection with the senses, which causes Russia in modern history). We have noted several times (in particular since 2012 and the election of Putin’s new presidential cycle) this simultaneously spiritual and protective component of the tradition that gives Russia a meta-historical role that it plays today through antirusizm, as the Central artifact of the equation of self-destruction of superpowers.

The significance and limits of the role of Russia

As you can see, our task is to snatch the artifact “antirusizm” of modern history, to identify it, and then build in the current meta-historical period. First of all, this means depriving it of any specific geopolitical concepts and the possibility of forming a matrix of a new civilization. We believe that the special position of Russia and its significance are very powerful, but in any case not a unique element able to form reasons leading to the collapse of the process. Although Russia retains for itself a special factor of survival and resistance (spirituality, traditions), it does not have sufficient power in relation to globalization, nor sufficient influence in the dynamics of globalization in order to collect everything needed to build a new world after the collapse of the system. She is the Keeper of the keys of the temple, which is now undergoing a large-scale repair, but does not have the final say either in this work or in the appearance of the temple on its completion.

All this introduces the second element. The antirusizm have a certain connection with historical events of the anti-type, even before the origins of the current crisis of modernity (until the collapse of the Byzantine Empire, Charlemagne, etc.). It is often balance the very strong Pro-Russian sentiment (especially in France), and its historical continuity are now trying to downplay or even erase, however, all this has little or no value (the nature of the question is completely different) and can serve unless the historical setting of meta-historical confrontation with involvement within the system of people in a frenzy of Russophobia.

From this point of view, we continue to believe that Russia itself is not the key to the mystery of the collapse of the system (the main question is: what happens then?). In addition, past and future geopolitical transformations in connection with the trump (the trump trump 1.0 and 2.0), as well as other events like possible changes of the situation in France (the election of 2017 and their consequences) does not affect the growth of antirusizm, which will continue to manifest themselves only in the information environment, because the point does not lie in geopolitics, and psychology (both collective and individual). This antirusizm will continue to show all the current false money (under the guise of what is usually called “the rise of globalism”) as a unifying factor in the recovery system, operating the manifestation of the superpower system and a major component of the battle of superhuman strength, whose effects we experience for ourselves, because the struggle is for us. From the point of view of antirusizm in the information sphere, we can say that if the administration would trump actually implemented Pro-Russian policy, I would have been in complete isolation in Washington against the forces of the system and would have faced permanent guerrilla warfare in the information environment and related psychosis. Anyway, turning trump’s trump 1.0 to 2.0 had no effect on the scale of the phenomenon.

Nihilism in antirusizm

Antirusizm, of course, has an impact on policy, but it is often uncontrolled, inconsistent and completely contradictory — because it is not political in nature. This is a very important point: we do not recognize any political or geopolitical importance of the antirusizm, which is totally empty from this point of view.

This phenomenon directly affects the psychology, both individual and collective, are affected more or less severe pathology, a horrible and destructive influence of powerful currents of metahistory. His political use of “politicians” (political zombies) that are exclusively the members of the management system and their followers, regularly only further enhances these catastrophic results. All anti-Russian policy AZB with countless failures and a complete lack of rational approach is the most intuitive and accurate demonstration of this fact, unspeakable cesspool where zombies system inflate bubbles-moving disasters.

The consequences of these changes lead to the formation of a completely nihilistic and ill-conceived policies, which the mind cannot understand or even identify without the acceptance of the hypothesis a great array of creators of the narrative. He wraps the victims narrative determinism, which forces them to commit more mistakes in an attempt to fix old (the fact that all reference to reality lead only to the visibility of this very fact, whereas the true reality of the split). System manual is in prison where it is impossible to find not just a situational truth, and even imagine her search.

In other words, antirusizm constitutes “operating” system, if you want the bars of a prison cell, where sit the management system and zombies system, who have no other tools of thinking in addition to narrative determinism. We are talking about the operation of the higher forces, which we often refer to emphasize the self-destruction of the management system. It thereby lays the Foundation stone of metaphysical structure that shapes the future of the inevitable self-destruction of the system.