Jose Mourinho: “risky” fees represent the main danger for football

Jose Mourinho fears that blithely wasting excessive funds on the transfer intermediate level players, the football was entering “dangerous” territory.

However, this summer marked a huge expenditure, the coach of “Manchester United” believes that in the next season in the battle for the Premier League title wise “Tottenham” is for his team is as serious a danger as freely spending their money Manchester city and Chelsea — if not more.

Mourinho spoke in support of the amount (75 million pounds), which United this summer paid for Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku from Everton and insisted on the transfer Floor Pogby 12 months ago, cost the club in 89 million pounds, and said that he sees the logic in record deal — 196 million pounds — that is “Paris Saint-Germain” is going to conclude with “Barcelona” to purchase striker Neymar.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese coach is concerned that the transfer market is changing dramatically because of the willingness of certain clubs “with a light hand to pay “30, 40, 50 million pounds” players that are actually not worth the money.

Yet “United” rejected “Tottenham” price — 55 million pounds for the English midfielder Eric dieres, and 49 million pounds, which inter Milan asked for Croatian winger Ivan Perisic, while the city paid Spurs £ 50 million for right-back Kyle Walker and Everton have offered 45 million pounds for the Icelandic midfielder Sigurdsson, Giulivi of.

“I always thought that the problem is not in how much you pay for these [first-class] players. In my opinion, it does not matter how much you give for Pogba or some crazy amount you are willing to pay for Neymar,” said Mourinho in Washington in the last stage of the pre-season tour Manchester United in the USA, where early on Thursday morning his team was found against Barcelona.

“I think the problem for the other groups of players, large groups, because transitions are such players like Pogba, their one, two and miscalculated for the entire transfer period. But as for the rest, there may be a hundred transfers, and, in my opinion this is a dangerous area of the market.”

“Some clubs are paying or, conversely, not buying, because they do not accept the figures that are now running the market. To do this, they need to get to the same level, that’s what worries me: because we so easily talk about $ 30, 40, 50 million pounds”.

“I don’t think it’s disastrous for big clubs because big clubs will always have the potential and conditions for turnover of money for them is not a problem. I think that the difficulties are waiting for other clubs when they realise how much money is spinning, and I also think that the financial fair play lot of work. A lot of work, because probably there are some methods of concealment, and I’m sure this will not be easy”.

This summer the city spent nearly 220 million pounds into the not yet completed transaction, while Chelsea can still spend twice as much of its planned expenditure to 131 million pounds, but Mourinho I wonder whether the most sensible choice Tottenham, which nothing is spent and focused on the preservation of their core assets. United have discovered this during his vain pursuit of Darom, at the same time, Mourinho believes that Tottenham were happy to sell Walker, for whom, as he previously argued, the city “wanted to pay £ 25 million”.

“Everyone is talking about the scale of investment Manchester city, but there is another team that, in my opinion, boasts a phenomenal level of investments — Tottenham,” said the coach “United”.

“As far as I know, it is that they spent zero pounds, right? Personally to me the extent of their investments seem to be stunning. They manage to hold everyone who needed them. They left at the Case of alli, Harry Kane and Toby Alderweireld, as well as Eric dieres, they retained everyone wanted.”

“They sold Kyle Walker [“city”], I think, because I wanted to do it. And probably because I think [Kieran] Trippler no worse than Walker. Besides, he is younger than Walker. They left everyone wanted. Chelsea — Champions, and now they are buying. We are in the market somewhere in the middle, and they buy [Antonio] rüdiger, [Tiemu] Bakayoko and Alvaro Morata. Thus, each club makes investments of various kinds, but they all invest capital funds in order to win the title.”

Mourinho believes that the power of the “United” is the cohesion of the team. He admitted that his players lack the charisma that distinguishes some of its rivals, however, in his opinion, this is one of the best bands he has ever seen.

“I don’t think we are the main candidates for the title, but we are among (the candidates), he said. — We are not the best team in the world, and we don’t play all the best players on the planet, you could say the reverse, but then such players units, not eight, nine or ten, as some other big clubs. But I love them all. During a career that doesn’t happen every season. It is hardly possible to love our players like I love these guys I”.

“The teams always have guys that you really like, and those to which the heart does not lie. Not together. To love all equally difficult. But this team is something incredible. They are my great friends and great guys, and I love them”.

“This season we played better than the previous one, and the mood of the team is excellent. The trust level is good, and I think the fact that last season we managed to achieve some success [winning the League Cup and the Europa League], also played an important role in mitigating some of the personalities”.

Mourinho compared the level of tasks facing him at United, with what he had in the “Real world”, where in his second season he defeated Barcelona at the stadium “Bernabeu”. But Mourinho is convinced that three years later will be begging United to leave like that, he said, was the case with “real”.

“There has been an evolution, and “Manchester United” didn’t pass the path of evolution, my job is not only to come out for the football team and prepare it to attack, it is something more, ‘ said Mourinho. — My task is to penetrate the structure of the football team and try to adapt to the new dynamics. The same thing happened with real Madrid, a big club with big expectations, which had experienced a difficult period, accompanied by the evolution of other teams and the increasingly growing gap between real Madrid and Barcelona”.

“To be honest, [at Real Madrid] wanted me to stay, they didn’t want to quit. Everyone in the club: President, CEO, Executive Board, and myself we all felt after those years that I spent there, the hardest part of the job was done and they wanted me to stay. In fact, I had almost to beg them to let me go. I don’t think that this will happen in the “United”, because to leave I don’t want to.”

Championship victory, the second seasons of Jose Mourinho

2003 — Porto

The first of eight League titles Mourinho has got effortlessly: Porto on 11 points ahead of Benfica, having suffered just two defeats in the season.

2006 — Chelsea

Winning the Premier League in his first season at Stamford bridge, Chelsea Mourinho retained the title the following year, beating its old opponent – “Manchester United” with the score 3:0.

2010 — inter

In his first season Mourinho led inter to the winners of Serie A — a feat which he repeated in his second and final season of fruitful work on the “San Siro”, which also brought the team the championship in the Champions League.

2012 — “Real Madrid”

Mourinho ended a four-year wait for the championship title, which languished “real”, and thanks to a strong campaign helped the team nine points to overtake Barcelona.

2015 — Chelsea

Returning for a second coaching period at Stamford bridge, Mourinho practically without special work led the team to the title, while saving three games.