For the first time in seven years Ukraine and Hungary talked about the cooperation

The special Commission discussed the main themes of relations between the countries

Ukraine and Hungary for the first time in seven years held a session of the Commission on economic cooperation. According to Deputy head of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar, the talks were “successful and constructive”. In addition, they discussed a meeting between President Vladimir Zelensky with the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, which could take place in late July.

“Prospects of a meeting between President Vladimir Zelensky with the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban. Roughly, this may be the end of July. The Hungarian side promised to provide their developments on the Memorandum of understanding, which we asked them during the visit of Minister Dmitry Kuleba in Budapest. <…> The fact that the Commission after seven years of break is already some impetus. The Ministers personally negotiated and signed the Protocol”, – he told in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

Bodnar said that in the end, the Ukraine and Hungary agreed to hold a further Commission on national minorities and education. In addition, the parties intend to discuss the development of border infrastructure. So, according to Bodnar, Ukraine and Hungary have agreed about joint struggle against consequences of floods in Transcarpathia.

“Our side has made a proposal on the involvement of the General quadrilateral of engineering battalion “Tisa”, whose task is to assist the population during the floods”, he said.

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As reported “Today” in late may, the foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba was on a visit to Budapest, where he conveyed to his Hungarian counterpart péter Szijjártó invitation for Viktor Orban to visit Ukraine.

The relationship of Budapest and Kiev escalated after the adoption in Ukraine of the new law on education, which clearly defines that the Ukrainian language is obligatory for all authorities and public organizations, as well as required to study representatives of all national minorities. Hungary expressed concern that new Ukrainian law may infringe on the rights of the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia.

According to Budapest, it violates the basic principles of the European Union and the Association Agreement of Ukraine with the EU. In turn, the official Kiev said that fully guarantees the protection of rights of national minorities, the law on language extends to play an important role in Ukrainian society. Zelensky, in turn, demanded justice for national minorities in Ukraine.