The guy took a selfie with his sleeping girlfriend and her lover

Texas 23-year-old boy Daston Holloway came home and got caught in bed my girlfriend with her lover who slept, however, was not to create a scandal, reports The Sun.

According to him, the evening when he came home, he discovered that in bed his girlfriend not myself. He noted that they were drunk, and the girl couldn’t even Wake up when he tried to Wake her up.

Photo: Facebook/Duston Holloway

In the end, he decided that instead of dismantling to photograph the couple, and took a selfie with them, then to spread in social networks on public display.

Photo: Facebook/Duston Holloway

“That moment when you come home and see another human being in bed with the man you love – written by Daston. A good man deserves a good woman.”

So they once looked happy.

Photo: Facebook/Duston Holloway

His act Daston has caused a storm of sympathy and support at Facebook, where he posted photos.