When is it more effective to exercise – morning or evening: a response to Anita Lutsenko

The question of whether it is more efficient to exercise in the morning or evening, is quite popular. But is there really a difference when to train, explained fitness coach Anita Lutsenko.

About it she wrote in Instagram.

“One time in the morning definitely not, because you need to run out to work or school or simply children require attention! The other evening there is always something to do, and then only enough force to fall into bed! Now! Has no one meaning, when you exercise,” wrote Anita.

However, she noted that there are certain conditions which must be adhered to workout was effective at any time of the day.

“1. You have 40 minutes to eat (complex carbohydrates: any cereal, pasta, bread) it will give the strength to work out at 100% and not powerless to Palatinate handles, legs with shouts in my head: Oh so hard!
2. If it is morning, it is easy to charge, Surya, a couple of not difficult exercises first, and immediately after that Breakfast!
3. If Jogging, the story is! Running without food is the speed and the result is worse with food for 40 minutes – your optimal result in speed and distance.
4. After exercise can eat (protein + carbs + veggies) don’t have to wait 2 hours until the “burn fats”. The food is still 40-60 minutes will be a food way.
5. Practice, when convenient, comfortable, fun!
6. If training late in the evening-OK! Dinner until 20:30 maximum. The main thing to understand that you then sleep well,” wrote Anita.

In this Lutsenko gave personal advice about the time for training: “tip from me: practice in the morning! Made business – walk safely! A sense of pride in themselves stretched for the whole day and everything else is tough training” – summed up the coach.