Neighbor mother committed suicide, zastrelitsia 6-year-old twins: “She seemed perfect.”

41-year-old Selyse Henning and six-year-old identical twin daughters were found dead in their house in Joliet, Illinois (USA). According to police, a woman shot her children and then committed suicide, according to “life” with reference to the Daily Mail.

Father-in-law Dennis Henning said his son was married to Selyse 10 years. Their children only this year went to kindergarten. The day of the tragedy the girls stayed home with mom.

Relatives suspected that there was something terrible when the father of the family, who worked as a plumber and in that time was not at home, could not get through to his wife during the day.

Neighbor Joan Paul said that children were the meaning of life for Selise. She devoted all her time and seemed ideal macelaru, but apparently at some point she snapped.

“If Selyse did, I can’t imagine what she felt at this moment. These children were her life. She was an excellent mother,” says Joan Paul

Recall, a couple of Kiev, Vitali and Olga Zubenko, the missing June 15 victims of the massacre. It is suspected pseudomale.