How to minimize the harm of cosmetics for the skin: useful advice

Many girls can’t imagine their lives without cosmetics. However, your skin from it not in delight. On the one hand, even if you thoroughly wash off the make-up in the evening, during the night the skin does not have time to recover. The pores awoke from oppression from the Foundation need at least a day. Again, many of the chemical components included in the composition of cosmetics will damage the skin or even cause Allergy, says, “I Want”.

On the other hand, makeup in the metropolis, overrun with dust and dirt, even in something useful. Clog pores, it certainly does not allow the skin to breathe, but does not pass the exhaust gases and other harmful substances.

You’ve probably heard about the 5:2 diet. where 5 days a week you eat as always, and the other two arrange unloading. The same can work for skin with makeup. The simple lack of cosmetics at least 24 hours (36 is better) will help the person to regain a healthy glow.

These days it is better to refuse from any effects on the skin, in addition to water procedures. Because even seemingly useful humidifier for constant use makes the skin incapable of natural moisture. For the same reason, these days it is better to abandon the masks, even if they consist entirely of natural ingredients.

Of course any sacrifice in the form of days will be in vain if in other days to eat all that turned up under the arm. And with the makeover – if you are used to overlay several layers of base, concealer and powder with blush, little use of day without a make-up will not.