Holy week: how to spend the week before Easter

Come Holy week — the last week before Easter. And she is dedicated to the memory of the last days of the earthly life of the Savior: His suffering, death and burial (in old Church Slavonic language the word “passion” means “suffering”). All the days of Holy week are called the great.

Holy week – it is not lent and, in General, it is not even a Great post – a separate time. According to the priests lent (first 40 days) is the time when a person goes to meet God. Holy week is the time when the Lord comes to meet man. Goes through suffering, through the arrest, the last Supper, Calvary, the descent into hell and finally to Easter. He overcomes the last obstacles that separate us from God (deacon Andrei Kuraev).

The divine services of Holy week have a number of significant services which must be performed in this week. The Church in these days, alternately represents Zion, the upper room and Gethsemane, the Calvary.

The Church calls this week to forsake all vain and worldly things and follow the Savior.

First, the faith and health (and if the work is not associated with serious exercise) to aggravate post in those passionate days.

According to the Ordinance: in the first four days of Holy week — xerophagy (boiled food without oil). In parish practice for Holy week — diet without fish, meat and dairy products. Many people try to eat without oil.

Some useful tips from Archpriest Alexander Ryabkov: “Post this week needs to become stricter – not only in terms of food, but, of course, spiritually.

Lent is a time of learning the truths of God. They learn primarily through reading the Scriptures – so in the Holy week even harder must read the Bible.

It is desirable to completely stop watching TV and aimlessly wander the Internet.

The Holy fathers call to remember – when we post turn just a diet, it is definitely wrong. Often people say: “there was the post – now I will push the juices and eat a carrot”. Similar post always ends in failure. If it is bodily collapse – well, frustrate people, and the glory of God! It surprisingly sounds, will be a good outcome. Because spiritual crash – pride – is always dangerous. Because people can fast for such a purely physical; all the forty days, but his post is like a corpse – a body not filled with the spirit”.

After all, fasting is not a goal but a means. The means to achieve the main goal of the Christian life – to be the most similar in character to Christ. And this can still help and constant prayer. For example, the Jesus prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner”.

“The prayer of Jesus, the teaching of the Holy fathers, is decent, when a person walks, or sits, or lies, drinking, eating, talking, or engaged in needlework…” (St. Ambrose of Optina).

Also, the Holy fathers suggest to read the Scriptures (possibly the entire New Testament, at least — the gospel of John)

And still — useful after work to practice good deeds – helping sick, orphans, the elderly… you Can visit someone in the hospital or at home. To help out, or maybe just patiently listen.