The debate between Klitschko and Vereschuk: what offers Zelensky

Zelensky believes that the debate should be open

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the inhabitants of Kiev it would be interesting to hear the debate on important capital issues between the acting mayor Vitaly Klitschko as a candidate for “public Servants”, people’s Deputy Irina Vereschuk.

He said this at a meeting with journalists after the meeting of the “Servant of the people”.

“I think it’s very important. I remember one President has challenged me to a debate. It seems to me that we should be open, no one should be afraid of,” said the President.

In his opinion, the subject of professional debate on city issues, urban development, housing, infrastructure, Finance, transport would be very interesting.

“The people of Kiev it would be very interesting to hear the answers to these questions at the debate between the current mayor and Irina Vereschuk” he concluded.

Irina Vereschuk – Chairman, Subcommittee on national security and defence of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security, defense and intelligence. Has experience as a mayor in 2010-2015 was the mayor of Rava-Ruska. Elected to the Parliament on the party list of “public Servant” under No. 29. The post Irina Vereschuk stated the need of decentralization of power, carrying out administrative-territorial reform in Ukraine, transfer of taxes to local communities. She was also a representative of the government in Parliament.

Earlier Zelensky called Vereschuk the best candidate in mayors of Kiev.