The US wants to see in Turkey an ally and a “satellite”of the

We’ve been waiting for that will tell US about the acquisition of missiles s-400.

However, how they react, in General, known.

There was supposed to be about the same reaction which had taken place in response to the moves of Ankara related to the defense system.

“We are concerned about, they said, and don’t want Ankara to do this.”

It happened this time.

First was the head of the joint chiefs of staff Dunford (Dunford), saying: “the Purchase by Turkey of s-400 from Russia is worrisome.”

Then the official representative of the Pentagon Colonel Jeff Davis (Jeff Davis) made a statement: “Our arms must be able to work in collaboration with each other”.

“We plan PVO — just naked”

In this regard, there is much to say, but let’s start with the fact that Turkey is in urgent need of strengthening its air defence system.

I do not say this.

We share the words of our knowledgeable interlocutors in Ankara.

For example, a few months ago this topic was raised during our conversation with the army General, who have long explained the risks is dealing with Turkey in the sphere of defense.

His explanation he concluded: “We in terms of defense — just naked”.

Open the map if you want, and starting from our southern neighbors, for example, Syria, walk in a circle through East, South, North to West and the border with Greece.

Facing the threat of a missile strike, which could come from anyone of them, Turkey is “bare”.

Since these estimates of the military departments there was a single state solution, Turkey began to take measures to strengthen, but rather the creation of an air defense system.

When the Western bloc did not agree on the transfer of technology…

In the matter of the air defense system, Ankara has had two major “prerequisite”.

1. The technology transfer systems that will be purchased. To Turkey could design their own ballistic missiles.

2. A more reasonable price.

In the course of negotiations with European and American companies have a very high cost of delivery of the missiles.

More importantly, who is in this block, did not want to agree to the transfer of technology to Turkey.

And the fact that the Patriot, delivered to the southern border of Turkey in the period when the war in Syria have hardened, and the threats from Damascus against Turkey reached its climax, was withdrawn at the time when Turkey was most needed them, further accelerated the crisis of confidence.

Logic, in which Turkey is considered a “branch” and not a partner

At the heart of this approach lies in two features of thinking.

1. They fear that if the technology transfer, Turkey will attain a high military potential, the relationship will end. They want the situation of “absolute needs” in view of their limited military aid of the Turkish armed forces was preserved.

3. Although the words they call Turkey an ally and a partner, in fact — treat her like a “satellite”.

In the words of former Deputy Prime Minister, who for many years participated in meetings of the national security Council, they see and want to continue to see in Turkey, NATO partner, and the “local branch”.

S-400 is the best of the existing systems

As we wrote in this column earlier, specific steps regarding s-400 was made during the visit of President Erdogan, may 3 at Sochi and his talks with Russian President Putin.

But these steps, not a word was said.

I’m talking about that meeting, when, remember, Putin at a press conference for 15 minutes talking about tomatoes.

In the process of negotiations with Turkey, Russia has taken into account the requirements of the Turkish side.

Currently s-400 — the most advanced in the world air defense system.

Russian, apparently, agree to sell the rockets cheaper, and to carry out joint production with Turkey.

Upon returning from a tour of Persian Gulf countries, President Erdogan announced that “negotiations on the s-400 is nearing completion”, and the previous day at the meeting of the parliamentary group in the Grand national Assembly of Turkey said:

“We are now done with the Russian Federation the necessary steps. God willing, we will see the s-400 missiles in our country. We will also work on their joint production.”

Of course, it is impossible to present whatever is known of the project, which USA, despite the desperate cries of Ankara, implement in Northern Syria.