The greenback lost 34 kg for a million dollars

36-year-old American Walter Fisher plays professional poker. The man was in the casino, which put on weight up to 112 pounds. Colleagues at the card table suggested the Fisher deal, he will receive a million dollars if in 6 months will get rid of 90% of their fat misleading Вести.Ru with reference to ABC.

Over the past year, Fisher is not only fat, but also hard to got into debt. “It was an unpleasant period in my life. I started to lose and gain weight. All restaurants at the casino fine cuisine. I’m hooked on local pasta and Parmesan”, — said the American.

Shortly after Fisher’s debt exceeded 100 thousand dollars, the friends of the poker player suggested that he dispute. “They said if I will be able to make the amount of fat in the body did not exceed 10 percent, they’ll pay me a million. I agreed without thinking,” said the American.

The American was active in sports for almost six months and even hired a personal trainer. In addition, Fisher went on a diet. Mentor debater admitted that the case of his client was difficult, but not hopeless. In the end, Fischer managed to lose almost 35 pounds. Friends paid him 600 thousand dollars less debt.

Walter Fisher noted that the financial benefit was for him not the main. “I just wanted my little nephews would be proud of me. And then the last time I looked in the mirror and not recognize ourselves,” concluded debater.