Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany): the coronavirus is worth a few years of life

Sounds adamant: dying from coronavirus, and so not long to live, whether due to old age or a variety of severe comorbidities. Recently this issue was addressed by the mayor of tübingen Boris Palmer. He stated that the General limitations “may help people and so after six months would die”. He later apologized for his words. But, for example, the judicial physician Klaus Pushel from Hamburg, again and again indicate chronic diseases victims of coronavirus.

Scientists from the University of Glasgow in collaboration with the Department of health tested this hypothesis in their study — and came to very different conclusions. As it turned out, the male victim of the coronavirus would on average live for thirteen years longer, and women eight. It was studied the effect of diseases that were already victims before infection with coronavirus.

Even the elderly or people with chronic diseases, according to Scottish scientists, most could have lived many more years if not infected with coronavirus.

Young healthy people die from the consequences of infection

The scientists also compared the total who data on life expectancy of different age groups with data on deaths among people infected with coronavirus in Italy. To get an accurate picture of how pre-existing diseases affect life expectancy, the Scottish scientists also included in his research the current data on infected with coronavirus in the UK.

The researchers in their calculations focused on patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system, e.g. cardiac arrhythmias or cardiac insufficiency and patients with stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, liver failure, kidney disease.

Italian data on deaths from the coronavirus have shown that it is particularly prevalent hypertension in anamnesis. 73% of all the deceased suffered from high blood pressure. In the second place diabetes (31.3 per cent) and cardiovascular disease (27.8 percent).

Also, the study authors noted that the chances of survival also depend on other factors, such as the level of medical support in different regions. In Italy there is a suspicion that there is a large mortality including because not all patients received proper treatment. On whether victims of coronavirus smokers and had any weight, no data.

The average age of victims of coronavirus, according to the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, 81 years. In the Scottish study, the figures are similar. But, despite his advanced age of many who died from the coronavirus, the scientists warn against jumping to conclusions. On the one hand, from the virus die and more young and healthy people. On the other hand, existing chronic disease does not automatically mean early death.

“It is often said that infection by the coronavirus can cost a man one or two years of life, but usually the situation is serious,” summarize the researchers. The older the patient and the more chronic diseases, the less this figure. But the 80-year-old man in good shape on average lose due to the coronavirus eleven years of life.