The United States began to bring down the Putin regime, it is very good news for Ukraine

Ukraine needs all possible ways to show that it is supported by the international community, and not to pay attention on Russia’s reaction on this occasion. The West’s support of Ukraine and sanctions against Putin’s regime — the two components of the strategy, which aims to deprive Russia of the future under its current government. About why war with Ukraine becomes more expensive and why European elites are already suffering due to the fact that lobbying interests of the Russian Federation in interview “” said military expert Alexey arestovich.

Catherine Kozubenko: How do you think we should parade on the independence Day of Ukraine or have nothing to show?

Alexey Arestovich: Needed. Have something to show — will be 25 models of new technology. In addition, there will be the first to participate soldiers of NATO countries. And this is a political action — both domestic and foreign policy.

Whether it is necessary to carry out the political actions which show that we support the international community that a United front with the Ukraine are not the most recent States that the military-political potential is developing in the country? Necessary. Here and show.

— What will be the reaction of Russia that NATO representatives will take part in the parade?

— Why should we be interested in Russia’s reaction? Will the next wave of propaganda about the traitors of Slavic brotherhood and the minions of NATO.

— Can we expect on Independence Day of aggravation at the front?

Well, they traditionally shoot at us. Two times more than shoot normally, it would not be 30 attacks per day, 60. They are weaker and we can expect another attempt to take a platoon strong point, hoping that we all panpipes and will be inadequate. But this is a mistake, on the contrary, actions for the protection and defense will be increased.

— Likely some attacks?

Yes. But they will be tactical. About them makes no sense to say at the level of national media. This is more for combat leaf specific part.

— The recent decision of Russia, which was aimed to support the residents ORDO, has permission to stay in Russia for more than 90 days. As you can see, these solutions do not require large expenditures and are more propaganda techniques.

— Putin has approved a national programme for the repatriation of refugees who escaped from Donbas back to the territory of the so-called LNR and DNR. He begins to expel the refugees from Russia.

Under already gave money. Not much of any — three thousand dollars, but it is for social studies. But we’ll see.

— The excitement caused by the strengthening of sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea subsided and you can safely assess their impact on Russia.

— Sanctions imposed are and so that began the countdown of the Putin regime. These sanctions are not intended to show Russia that its actions are unacceptable, you need to return to the club of civilized powers, and it is directed right to tear down the established regime of Putin. This is not a warning, and the offensive side of the United States is very good news for us. They bring down the Putin regime and its impact on Europe.

Start trading oil and gas in Europe, with 70 years of the USSR raised a bunch of elites, tycoons and oligarchs tied directly into Russia. View the latest statement of the German liberals and socialists — let’s put the issue of Crimea, let’s give Russia a chance and remove some of the sanctions. This election campaign, and they understand what the mood of the masses need to play.

We used to complain that the Ukrainian oligarchs Rob the population and flirting with Russia, but in Europe the situation is much worse in this respect — there is a zombie population, as we do, protects those who exploit them. It exists since 70 years, three generations of politicians. This is a big problem, which is tied to the oil and gas market in Europe. The Americans beat them of these sanctions to bring down the main source of income of the Putin regime — the supply of energy to Europe. The second purpose of the sanctions is to break the eternal corruption of the European economic and political leaders associated with transactions with Russia. This is a blow to the established order in Europe. This is an important geopolitical decision.

— Along with the sanctions are increasingly talking about States providing defensive weapons to Ukraine. What is the reaction of Russia to be expected?

— And how will they react?


— Well, I will try to transfer the conflict to another phase.


— The fact that the weapon is delivered, is designed to ensure that the conflict is not moved to another phase. The price of the transfer of the conflict into another phase will begin to increase sharply. For example, now they storm our positions cost two killed and two captured by us machines. And will cost six dead, of whom three — crew, which is not the day and not two. And burned-out tank at a cost of seven million dollars. Imagine 10 such cases a month is very expensive.

Americans know what they are doing. They are at war with Russia on the economic front in Europe, and in Ukraine — militarily, raising the cost of conflict. The imposition of sanctions on Russia and providing us with weapons — a single, coherent policy. If Putin will be rested and will make sudden movements, will not be tolerated — even raise the price of the conflict. And so gradually till they (the current Russian regime — “Apostrophe”) and not die.

In this case, what is the probability that Russia will try to establish relations with the West?

She’s trying hard. She’s trying to impress in Syria, is trying to negotiate Middle East, trying to do something in the Balkans, trying to get into Libya. Thus she tries to create a strong negotiating position to change them then for their political demands. But she has nothing to offer the West, because the Russian economy is 8% of the US economy. It’s just not comparable things.

— If to speak about the margin of safety of the Russian Federation, what are the prospects?

— The margin of safety in Russia is much more than we used to compose. Ordinary people don’t understand the full mechanism of sanctions. Sanctions don’t kill Russian refrigerator right now, though had largely been killed, and aims to be in 10 years Russia will lose the civilizational race with the West, which by that time will go to the VI technological order. It is equivalent to compare the lunar station and the Cherepanov locomotive from the NINETEENTH century.

Although technically for the average Russian, nothing happens. Russian Manager can still buy a Ford Focus and through relatives in Ukraine to get his cheese, which is not crushed by the bulldozer. And iPhone can buy. He even Turkey can go. He is well, but Russia, as the social system, already very not good — kill her future prospects. For example, by 2040, Russia could make its technological leap and become a high-tech power of the future, but you won’t, because the sanctions are aimed at the destruction of these perspectives. New sanctions aimed at destroying the existing Russian order. These sanctions, Putin’s regime started to beat and strangle. They work in such a way that the continued existence of the Putin regime becomes disadvantageous for Russia — this is important.

These sanctions are so chisel, which separates the Putin regime of Russia. So the West says: “Russia — gut, and the Putin regime — not gut”. While the Russians themselves do not understand that the existence of the Putin regime is killing all their civilizational perspective.

— Approaching presidential elections in Russia, there is some probability of a change of Putin?

— It can change, but, apparently, he is re-elected, and, then, finally drive the system to a standstill. The sanctions involve a funny thing — it stipulates that U.S. intelligence agencies need to disclose all schemes that exist in the criminal Russian regime — in the first place, this economic schemes of illegal enrichment, corruption, and 180 days to publish the reports. These 180 days will expire March 1, 2018 — exactly two weeks before the presidential elections.

How to react to suffering people, seeing what makes them Putin’s regime, two weeks before the election?

— The West will bring Russia to default?

— He cannot make it to default, it takes the Putin regime in his schemes. The fact that the regime did so that his schemes depends on the whole Russia is the problem of Russians. Once again, that the sanctions policy of the West clearly separates Russians from Putin’s regime. The West believes in liberal Russia, doing so, bet on the liberals and Westerners by cutting off rooted in the soil and security forces, while the latter is traded. Because he wanted them to fight ISIS. Say it again: “Russia — gut, and the Putin regime — not gut”.