TOP 5 tourist cities in the world

Travelers become so much in some places that they begin to irritate local residents. And to the extent that even tourists hate and initiatives appear on the limitation of their number, reports

1. Barcelona, Spain


When the first woman mayor of Barcelona Hell Cola has taken up the post in 2015, it has announced that it intends to protect the beloved city from hordes of tourists. “We don’t want the city became a cheap gift shop,” said Cola and cited as a negative example, the same Venice. Since then, the city government has frozen licenses for new hotels, and a popular service for the delivery of housing “Airbnb” was fined 30 thousand euros.

2. Venice, Italy


Many tourists damage the environment and contribute to higher prices in the city. In addition, the number of visitors to Venice many times greater than the number of local residents. Local complain that they no longer feel it hosts. To solve the city authorities are going to install a special device that will count the guests of Venice.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands


The population of Amsterdam is about 850 thousand people, and the tourists are eight times more, to seven million annually. The head of the Agency “Amsterdam Marketing”, which created the brand “I Amsterdam”, Frans van der Avert has declared that it no longer wants to draw in the Dutch capital of new travelers. “Cities are dying from tourism,” he said in a recent speech. Many small historic cities of Europe are simply destroyed the visitors. We will not spend a single Euro on advertising in Amsterdam. We want visitors to the capital were a higher level than it is now.

4. Santorini, Greece


In 2016, the representatives of the most busy port in Greece announced that their patience had ended, the number of visitors to the island of Santorini should be limited. Daily at popular island arrive more than 10 thousand tourists. It was decided that this number shall not exceed eight thousand.

5. Cinque Terre, Italy


The Cinque Terre national Park in Italy on the coast of the Gulf of Genoa, a world heritage site by UNESCO. Until recently, a visit to Cinque Terre was free. However, a year ago, local authorities announced that for the opportunity to admire the old villages and picturesque surroundings will be charged. This aroused the indignation of tourists, but the locals can understand – attraction visited annually from 60 to 100 thousand people.