Why change the swimsuit and swimming trunks on the beach: five important reasons

Doctors insist that during the summer and active recreation in the water and on the sand it is necessary to take care of your health in advance. Enough to take a spare swimsuit, and baby – trunks, as after each exit from the water, adults and children should change. After years of research experts have found that the long stay in the wet swimsuit can cause health problems – according to “liza.ua”.

Gynecologists say that in three minutes after you got out of the water, wet swimsuit fibers begin to breed bacteria. Especially active process occurs in skin folds, inner thighs and groin. This is one reason why you should stock up on replacement kit.

Second reason: long stay in a wet bathing suit can provoke the appearance of thrush, and acute vaginitis. And the third reason: nephrologists blame a wet bathing suit that he is to blame for frequent acute cystitis, when the infection ascends to the kidneys.

If the child likes to spend time in shallow water, during your stay on the beach it takes a few times to rinse with clean water and change into dry clothes. So going to the beach, you should stock up on replacement linens for the kids.

It is important to remember the wet warm sand is the perfect breeding ground for fungal bacteria – especially on the feet. In order to avoid that and keep the feet healthy, you should definitely wear flip flops or sandals. This is especially true for those who have blisters, scratches, cracks and other damage. And after the beach, don’t forget to thoroughly wash the feet with soap and water and lubricate with antifungal cream.