Russia responds to NATO of Georgia

Tbilisi — “Every time there’s either some convergence or joint action of Georgia with the West or with NATO, Russia has taken similar demarches”. So in the Association of constitutional Democrats (cadets) of Georgia, Teimuraz analyst Tumanishvili commented on the military exercises Russia occupied Georgian territory and the ongoing moving the “administrative border” into the territory of Georgia. According to him, in the current implementation of the so-called “bordersize” (establishing boundaries — approx. ed.) is nothing new.

“Russia has always acted in the Caucasus — North and South. Was created in certain areas, enclaves, sown the antagonism between peoples,” says Tumanishvili. Now, in his opinion, it is necessary to use international mechanisms to halt a dangerous process.

As for the threats by Azerbaijan and the possibility that Russia will try to break through the corridor to its military base in Armenia through Georgia, Tumanishvili doubts this, because this will be followed by very serious processes such as at diplomatic and other levels. “But here we have to consider the problem comprehensively. It’s all links of one chain, and the South Caucasus much interrelated. We are talking about the energy highways that connect Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey,” — said the source.

According to him, it is necessary to apply mechanisms that will stop the real bordersize. “You understand that this is not the border, this demarcation line, which for some reason, so to speak, all the time, “migrate” South”.

Tumanishvili considers necessary to connect such regional powers as Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan, in order that this demarcation line was frozen. “And it will be a big plus for all of us. Because a number of are the important objects — the Baku — Supsa, the highway. This is the corridor that connects the three Federal States — Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey”.

In turn, the head of the Center for security studies and international relations of Georgia Nika Chitadze noted that the problem of so-called “bordersize” — the movement of the line into the territory of Georgia, connected with the foreign policy orientation of the country.

“This is Russia’s response to Georgia’s rapprochement with the West, including in the framework of the European Eastern partnership. In addition, Russia tries to make a panic in Georgian society associated with the movement of the line of occupation,” — said the source.

According to Chitadze, Russia is trying still to ease the transit potential of Georgia and scare off investors and tourists. “As for the threat for Azerbaijan, there may be a problem if Russia will establish control over the main highways of Georgia, which, of course, affect the foreign trade of Azerbaijan. This, in turn, is on foreign trade operations in Azerbaijan through Georgia to Turkey.

As for the Baku — Supsa pipeline, Russia through the puppet regime of “South Ossetia” may require Georgia payment of transit”, — said the expert. The interlocutor does not believe in the version that Russia is going to punch a corridor to Armenia through Georgia. “Russia has a land connection with Armenia through a legal checkpoint of Georgia — Upper Lars. So, again, Russia, primarily intended to ease the transit potential of Georgia, to scare away tourists and investors, to cause panic in Georgian society and to take revenge on Georgia’s foreign policy priorities,” — said Chitadze.