How to get in shape for the summer: expert advice

Spring provokes to think about their appearance and gives maximum time to prepare your body for summer and beach season.

Julia Kopytkova, certified health coach with the diploma from Harvard Medical School, called the NV Style five life hacks that will help you to get in shape for the summer.

The first thing that should start is with a review of their thoughts.

A healthy and beautiful body is not only nutrition and physical activity, it is also the purity of thoughts and inner peace. You can eat right, with an emphasis on natural, seasonal products, but to be afraid of toxins, viruses, live in fear of gaining weight, experiencing constant aggression, trouble and distrust. This style of life and power will not bring nothing but disappointment.

The second way is to saturate your life with the correct loads, to balance a diet and set yourself up for positive change and lasting results! All the latest global research will tell you one thing – the brain will believe you and will not prove otherwise, but on the contrary will only help and strengthen the craving for change, if you give him the right attitude and a clear signal for victory.

Second – analyze your surroundings.

After all, we is the arithmetic average of the five people from our environment, says coach fortunately Alla Klimenko. With whom we spend much of our time and shape our view of ourselves. Surround yourself with people who are in tune with the goal, looking in the same direction with you, laugh, support and motivate.

Third is the drinking regime.

Slightly alkaline water with a pH of 7.5. should become your best friend. Stimulating the metabolism and eliminating toxins, it nourishes the intercellular space, breaks down and removes all waste products without harm to the body.

The next thing you should pay attention is consumption of sugar and easily digestible carbohydrates in the diet. After all, in the offseason, in the absence of sunlight and heat, shortage of vitamin D and positive emotions filled “empty calories”. The sharp jumps in blood sugar levels lead to increased hunger.

Here it is important to replace “light” carbohydrates in vegetables, vegetable juices with added fruit, green smoothies, whole grain oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice. In addition to the coarse fiber, which provides long-lasting feeling of fullness, these foods fill us in useful macro-and microelements and brightens the skin.

The evening is generally better to refuse heavy food for dinner and make yourself a delicious green salad with the correct oil and a handful of dried pumpkin seeds, it’s the perfect tool to cleanse the lymph and rich source of vitamin E.

Fourth is movement.

Move always and everywhere. Go more on foot. This is not just a method to become slimmer, but also to meet. Let it inspire you. If possible do light exercises during the day. Your body will thank you for it.

Fifth – ‘ll love yourself and your body.

Most smile. Thank yourself for every day and turn off the “inner critic”. Enjoy the process of transformation and enjoy life, because it’s beautiful.