Buy stationery in Kiev and Ukraine – tips for office managers from the store, Arawak

Task is to buy stationery in the office is one of the main duties of any office Manager or Secretary. Naturally, almost all companies purchase office supplies using online sites in the Internet such as a shop, Arawak, but office Manager with experience knows much more nuanced than the set in the search bar such phrases as, for example, stationery Kiev or trivial ordering of office supplies on the phone.

First, you need to understand that with all the visible variety of the market of office supplies only 3 manufacturer and importer in Ukraine deserve attention from the point of view of product quality, and the availability of virtually all categories of office supplies. Other companies, as a rule, are importers of a limited range and work only in their niche. Moreover, the flow of imports comes from China and the quality of the products in these niche firms is often rather dubious. On this basis, the office supply store, Arawak recommends only the proven products of operators of the market of stationery, namely, such trademarks as Axent, Delta, Buromax, Optima and Economix.

Secondly, experienced office Manager knows that the ordering of office supplies only one brand is not the best solution for several reasons. From the point of view of the prices of one category of stationery may be cheaper from one manufacturer, and another category from a different producer. Moreover, product quality is often comparable. Then the optimal order is to buy the cheapest options. For example, buy folders-registrars one brand, and pens and pencils are another brand that in General, the order will provide a significant savings over the purchase of office supplies only one brand. Store managers Arawak is always ready to help optimize the ordering in terms of prices and quality of products.

Thirdly, any office Manager needs to be realistic and understand the dynamics of the workload of any kantstovary firms in Kiev and Ukraine in order to place an order, pay for it and to take in the office. Otherwise, the stationery may end up at the wrong time, and the delivery of an emergency order may be impossible because of the workload of the provider. As a rule, the offices of medium and large companies ordering stationery and paper once a month, with the peak of orders falls on the first week of the month. Accordingly, the first and the second working week of the month are peak load suppliers of office supplies, and an emergency order from a customer in a given period is often simply impossible to fit the delivery schedule. Experienced office Manager will always order and pay for stationery at the end of this month to reserve the delivery for early next month at a convenient time.

Fourth, it is useful to distinguish between wholesale, retail, and wholesale and retail suppliers of stationery, as this can save time and money of the buyer. Wholesale companies, of course, declare the most attractive price for the products that can not please the customer. However, at the same time, cooperation with the classic wholesale firm carries a number of inconveniences for the customer: need to order such quantities of goods that may not be time-consuming; the inability to see the product and choosing a product purely on the article and a verbal description that does not guarantee the necessary stationery design and their quality. Conversely, the retail firm will provide the opportunity to handle the merchandise and select the desired design, but does not guarantee the best price. The ideal solution is a wholesale and retail company, preferably with digital Playground, display of goods and placing orders, such as the store, Arawak, offering to buy office supplies in Kiev and delivery across Ukraine. Wholesale and retail store with a digital platform in the Internet usually offers all the advantages of getting acquainted with the product, the opportunity to buy the product individually, but the system of wholesale discounts based on order amount.