Cuba and Venezuela: poverty as the norm

Like the heroines of the famous movie by Ridley Scott (Ridley Scott), “Thelma and Louise”, chavismo and castrism hard run towards the abyss. The only difference is that the heroine of the film embark on a journey in search of freedom, while nicolás Maduro in Venezuela and Raul Castro in Cuba just playing for time to tighten the screws of their despotic regimes.

Ignoring the demands of the people on the referendum in droves voted against his intention to amend the Constitution, Maduro is going to hold elections for a constituent Assembly, although this is completely illegal. For him and his entourage the main thing — is to strengthen its sole power and destroy what’s left of civil society in Venezuela.

As for his ally ever need to write a book about the interdependence of chavismo and castrism — Raul Castro, he is preparing to leave his post in February 2018. The younger brother of Fidel, will follow the lives of Cubans, being retired, like the Queen mother, and in the meantime his entourage thinking about how to ensure the preservation of the current status quo. Raul wants to die in peace and not to repeat the fate of Erich Honecker. In the end, the Castro brothers big offspring, which lives at the expense of the official benefits of the family dynasty that was in power for almost six decades. Such wealth needs to be retained, at least in secret accounts in Switzerland.

Despite calls by foreign governments to ensure the holding of national dialogue to end the bloodshed in the streets, Maduro even more resorts to using brute force. Havana it supports and protects, since this is the tactic of the Revolution, thanks to which the Communist dictatorship is still possible to keep only by means of repression.

As might be expected, in those countries where private initiative to persecution, and freedom becomes a utopia, poverty and stagnation become the norm of life of the people, who day by day are depleted physically and spiritually. Cuba in this sense, far ahead of Venezuela, but the Bolivarian revolution of Hugo Chavez is a student of this failed political model.

That is exactly what was supposed to happen. Since 1959, one of the main tasks of the Castro regime was to condemn Cubans to poverty. And after so many years of shortages and brain drain in search of better lives, the Communist party still stands his ground: Cuba is no place for the rich. No one — except the nomenklatura and their offspring may not accumulate wealth or property. Individual workers are regarded as class enemies, as thrive in spite of the predatory tentacles of the state. If to speak directly, Cubans are doomed to poverty and they must abandon dreams, alien to the generally accepted official mediocrity. Sorry, there are no prospects for young adventurous people who are in free countries become rich and contribute to the overall well-being and work together.

The same can be said about chavismo, which, unfortunately, is the inverted reflection of the Cuban dystopia. The examples are not far to seek. A few days ago, former Minister of foreign Affairs of Venezuela Delcy rodríguez (Delcy Rodríguez) exclaimed: “We’d rather die from starvation, but come to the defense of the Motherland.” The usual tone of the leaders of chavismo is dire: it’s better to die of hunger Venezuelans, if only the government managed to overcome the crisis.

The only solution that offer castrism and chavismo is poverty, raised to normal, without any hope for progress and freedom. When they say that “wealth is forbidden”, then hide the fact that people will never get out of the quagmire of poverty. To bring the country to hunger, mind do not need much.