Religious circles of Saudi Arabia are promoting the project of “exporting” the ideas of Wahhabism

In fact the aggressive actions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and its allies in relation to the sovereignty of Qatar lead to crisis not only within the cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), but also indirectly affect the rest of the Arab-Muslim world.

Pressure on Qatar from Saudi Arabia and its allies has the purpose to eliminate the alternative to a multipolar balance of forces in the region. The crisis continues, while Qatar will not be forced to stop supporting the “Muslim Brothers”, the channel “al Jazeera”, and while this country does not agree to go in the Wake of the policy of KSA, UAE and Egypt. Withdrawal of Qatar from the GCC membership can strongly affect the entire system of security and cooperation in the Gulf region.

It is also noteworthy that the scandal took place immediately after the summit, on which Washington reiterated the two main enemies in the region: 1) Iran and its allies; and 2) the movement of the “Ikhwan al-Muslimoon” (“Muslim Brothers” terrorist and banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.).

However, against this background the questions arise, who is behind this siege? Saudi Arabia as a strategic partner because of the geographical location, availability of oil reserves and the status of guardian of Islamic Holy places (Mecca and Medina), has always been the traditional political influence of first Britain and then the United States.

Visit Donald trump in the Kingdom in the early summer of 2017 clearly showed that the United States will continue to pursue a policy aimed at inciting conflict and confrontation within the Islamic world with the purpose of promoting the interests of Israel and the United States, as well as the preservation and conservation of the ruling Royal families in the Gulf countries.

It is clear, and that President trump assesses the political and religious significance of Saudi Arabia, also as a businessman. Because of the guarantee of the safety regimes of the Arab monarchies have to pay.

The formation of the American order in Muslim countries is also aimed at inciting even greater aggravation of the conflict by the hands of some countries and destructive groups. After all, a multibillion-dollar order KSA on American weapons designed not just for storage. Against whom is this weapon aimed?

A clear Pro-American orientation of the Saudi dynasty in religious terms, provides reason to question the status of the Royal dynasty of Saudi Arabia as guardian of Islam’s holiest sites and religious leader of the Muslim Sunni world. The outbreak of the blockade and isolation in the month of Ramadan in respect of Qatar, when the people of the whole country is suffering is inhumane and violates the principles of Islam and the sovereignty of Qatar.

In this case, it is necessary to seek ways of resolving the crisis through political means at the negotiating table, not ultimatums. And in order to maintain his religious authority among Muslims around the world as a leader, you need to use the resource of Islam and its geographic status of a “homeland of Islam” in the Affairs of the Association of Muslims and the protection of the Affairs of the people of Palestine, symbols and interests of Islam from external interference, not achieve short-term political objectives.

Unfortunately, we can say that the religious community of the Kingdom in a greater degree promote the project of “exporting” the ideas of Wahhabism in different countries. And in light of recent political developments in the region Wahhabism is one of the main tools for “conservation” societies and the promotion of Saudi political interests.