How to avoid conflicts in a young family: seven proven ways

We are all people of different personalities, interests and views. Sometimes their clashes and misunderstandings inevitable. So we offer you 7 ways to prevent the conflict, writes

1) the Correct time for the showdown

Conflict cannot be avoided, if you start your claim at the time when the person is unable on them to respond adequately. For example, your husband has to work late, came in tired and hungry, and you instead feed it and to tend, attack to the claims. Of course, people will react to them aggressively. But if after a hearty dinner, a good night, in the morning you calmly tell him that you are not satisfied with, most likely, he will take note and correct their mistakes.

2) Switch the attention of the opponent

Distract him from evil thoughts and phrases, ready to fly. For example, you walked a bit longer with friends, not picking up the phone and came to legam drunk, her husband nervous and angry. It seems that conflict is inevitable, and you take it and firmly embrace it, he will be stunned and the fight will be postponed.

3) Appease the partner

The tone increases, the conversation becomes more emotional and the time to offer a “bribe”. For example, you accidentally spent half my husband on the beautiful shoes. Husband furious. And then you offer a month to wash his car and cook his favorite dishes. Agree, not a bad bonus as compensation.

4) Apply the humor

For example, your significant other starts telling you that it is not satisfied. She is angry, hurt and stressed. Turn around and draw yourself a mustache pen. At least, such a gesture will discourage, distract and, at most, to laugh. Both will help to mitigate or fully neutralise a conflict situation.

5) Just agree

If you do not intend now to discuss, we’ll listen to your mate and agree with her opinion, giving a reprieve for a couple of days, when you’re ready to make sober decisions. For example, you came home from work. Your wife is angry. Go to her, hug, ask for forgiveness and say that you completely agree with her and it will not happen again. This method is often better not to use, as it can lead to the opposite effect, or create you reputation of the scheduled party.

6) Turn up the music

For example, your spouse is furious with you everywhere socks. As soon as the situation begins to nakalivanija, turn on the music and let your wife dance. It can resist to take offense, so be persistent. In the end, she would give up, having fun, and the conflict will, at least, postponed.

7) Kiss

For example, your spouse is upset that you did not congratulate her mother on the anniversary. She gets angry, and you take it, and kiss her with all the fervor and feelings. She is discouraged, the thread of conversation lost, the conflict is resolved, but the apology still does not hurt.

The conflict is not the best manifestation of feelings and emotions. But they help people to change, and in married couples (the right approach) – even heated passion. Learn to listen to each other. Love you!