Why is the bill on sanctions against Russia

As expected, the U.S. House of representatives on Tuesday to pass the bill, according to which President Donald Trump will be harder to ease sanctions against Russia without the approval of Congress.

The bill submitted to the vote after Republicans and Democrats in Congress showed rare unity. This is another blow to weaken the hopes of the trump of rapprochement with Russia.

That is why the vote on Tuesday is important.

The turn of events against trump?

The bill was drafted following the agreement of members of both parties from the house of representatives and Senate reached agreement, which has previously stated its intention to impose additional sanctions against Russia.

Sanctions are intended to punish Russia for alleged interference in the presidential election in the United States for the annexation of the territory of Ukraine in 2014 and military intervention in the Syrian conflict.

In June, the Senate approved the bill, which will introduce additional sanctions against Russia and limits the powers of the President on its abolition. But more amazing was the unity that was demonstrated this weekend, Republicans and Democrats in support of the bill.

The bill also includes new sanctions against North Korea and Iran, suggests that the President will submit to Congress a report on the proposed measures that “significantly changed” U.S. foreign policy toward Russia — including the order of consideration of proposals for the easing of sanctions.

Congress will have 30 days to hold hearings and then vote to support or reject the proposed trump change, reports Reuters. Trump could theoretically try to veto the bill, but it would be fraught with negative reactions from both Democrats and his party. There is also the risk of humiliating for the President of the situation when Congress can reject his veto.

However, on Sunday the White house said that trump is ready to sign legislation toughening sanctions against Moscow.

“We support the bill in the form in which it now exists, and will continue to work with the House of representatives and the Senate to impose these tough sanctions against Russia for up to the full resolution of the situation in Ukraine, and it certainly will not right now”, — said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Sarah Huckabee Sanders) in the program “this week with George Stephanopoulos” on ABC. “The original text of the law was poorly written,” she added.

The European factor

The bill could cause differences with Europe, because the new sanctions involve and fines for companies (among them are several European companies) to help Russia to build Baltic pipeline (“North stream-2”) for the transportation of Russian gas, an energy source used in Europe. The European Commission is expected to discuss its response after the vote on Tuesday.

Director General of lobby group BusinessEurope Markus Beyrer (Markus Beyrer) said on Monday that “European business is extremely concerned about the upcoming expansion of US sanctions against Russia and their potential negative impact on energy supplies in the EU.”

“The EU is highly dependent on external energy suppliers, despite serious efforts to diversify and to create alternative sources. Russia is a key supplier to the EU. Possible and is fraught with serious consequences extension of U.S. sanctions against Russia, concentrated in the energy sector, will have a strong influence on energy supplies in the EU. Ultimately, paying for it will have companies and consumers of the EU”, — he said.

A rare show of unity

This move marks another blow for President Trump, given that on Saturday, and Republicans and Democrats from the Senate and house of representatives rallied and came to the agreement on the limitation of powers of the President.

The law is put to the vote at the moment under investigation in connection with a possible alleged obstruction of justice, interference in elections and the collusion between the team of trump and the Kremlin before the elections of 2016. It will be another obstacle for the President in his efforts to establish a more warm relationship with Russia.

One of the leaders of the Democrats in the house of representatives Steni Hoyer (Hoyer Wall) said Saturday that he was glad that both parties in the House of representatives and in the Senate “reached agreement on the bill on sanctions, which will involve Russia and Iran accountable for their destabilizing actions in the world.”

“This law ensures that the majority and the minority will be able to perform its oversight function and to monitor how the administration implements the sanctions… I look forward to when next week the bill will go to a vote, during which, I’m sure it will receive strong bipartisan support.”