A teaching moment: the owner forced the dog to collect them torn toilet paper

Below animal shitting somewhere horrible, and it could leave one at home, you need to engage in his upbringing. How did the protagonist of the movie with his dog.

The corresponding video was published on Twitter by user @AdzHtx.

“It is time to realize the consequences of fun” signed the video, which shows how the owner makes his dog torn to remove them as toilet paper.

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It is noteworthy that the video just a few days has collected more than 308 thousand likes and more than 135 thousand posts.

And in the comments, social network users expressed support for such an unusual method of training and start to do the same with their dogs and cats.

She gotta start learning what comes after the fun pic.twitter.com/PqihfHNbcx

— Adeezy (@AdzHtx) 23 Jul 2017