Elite: they believe in trump, but trust Putin

And it is our elite. They believe in trump, which has become the opium of the people, despite the fact that he changes the attitude to Syria and holds the fake bombing, using as Sheriff limited options because in 19 tweets after praising Assad, he understands that sarin turned against children and especially captured by cameras, is not comparable with the action of a good reality show. Briefs. The appearance of the first serious evidence of the impostor and the stunt has put the Pentagon, the state Department and the national security Council in the service of his instinct, cunning and organized a missile attack to impress the audience.

And acted as his predecessor bill Clinton, who ordered to launch a missile attack on the plant that manufactured aspirin in Sudan in 1998, just to create the appearance that he was prepared so America on 11 September. “When Clinton launched a missile at a Sudanese plant for the production of aspirin, Osama blew up two of our embassies in Africa, blasted a hole in the side of the American warship in the open sea in Yemen, and so on until the events of Tuesday 11th September,” I am reminded of the words of Gore Vidal (Gore Vidal), who knew nothing about politics, but was able to see some things, even by mistake.

Now it seems that “orange” wants to reorganize (so they say) and eliminate the “House pound” and get rid of the moderate Rains of Primus (Reins Priebus). It remains to be seen what people think about this his son, beautiful Jared, and daughter Ivanka. The reorganization will occur 100 days after all the amateurish mistakes and blunders with the sole exception of approval of the candidacy of Gorsuch Neil (Neil Gorsuch) on a post of judges of the Supreme court of the United States made, however, at the cost of the disciplinary turn against a qualified majority, which does not Bode well.

Complete madness. Obviously, the only hope is anesthesia: McMaster, Mattis, and maybe Tillerson need to sedate him, maybe in Mar-a-Lago, near pools and Golf courses, where the superhero “America first” and trade wars have not reached any agreements with XI Jinping that he is ready to declare a trade war. They can succeed with the support of Congress and the Republican majority, thank God, not all of it out of his mind — at least, not all at the same time. But I suspect that the subject of our conversation was too animated, too in love with yourself and TV (the only thing he looks, except for the genitals) to calm down and give adults, the most important adult to develop a valid rational plan for the future of America and the West.

Some lovely dreams of a more fitting place for Europe and its elites (here we are again right back where we started), where the most disgusting shamelessly Putinism survives, even among those who, like Le Pen, Le Kathlego and Le Salvini, lined up to take a selfie with Donald, and now everything was in the Kremlin.

And we call elite. They not only believe in trump, but trust Putin. Our specialist in “real politics” — Sergio Romano (Sergio Romano), a smart man, you can say, brilliantly withstood the test of belonging to Italian diplomacy, the well-known incubator conceited idiots (with a few notable exceptions, do not want to argue with anyone, you they are already known). The day before he wrote in Corriere della Sera meaningful review to the false attack by the imposter. He stood up (Oh wow!) on the side of Vladimir Putin and wrote a note in the style of a kind of political note or press release about the behavior of the Russian President in respect of the Washington phenomenon.

According to Romano, who became a secret press Secretary, Putin prefers Republicans to Democrats, always ready to read the world of annoying lectures about democracy (I did not know that George W. Bush turns out to be a Democrat), but does not expect anything interesting from trump. Putin, says Romano, is well aware that in America there is a circle of politicians, advisers, military that does not lose its influence and ability to insist on the idea of containment of Russian ambitions. These are the same people who played in violation of the rules of NATO to the Russian border, after his country lost the cold war. Then he smiles indulgently, as smiled when Berlusconi wanted to bring it into the European Union and gave him the protocols of the agreement with the same NATO (genius, our knight, in Pratica di Mare). If I understand correctly (but, of course, romance will certainly need to read and listen), it’s not just the eloquent rascal, not just in Le Romano, the West and the Atlantic Alliance, if they still exist, they should stop pestering Russia: the case of solid control of Putin, the balance between peace and security will be restored and no lectures about democracy.

Now I understand, what is the charisma of our second superhero — shirtless astride a horse, master of judo, a new Chapter on the leadership of the Orthodox Church, raised up desperate and confused Russian people are tough but necessary measures, considering the collapse of the Soviet Union a tragedy. I begin to understand its hidden charm. Perhaps the nature of the current Russian government can not be recommended as a model of democracy and civil liberties may be, all these fine speeches about the extensive corruption schemes, the Almighty and uncontrollable oligarchy, police state, expropriated the media are not fiction. Yes, of course it is. I don’t go for cyber warfare, strange stories about the KGB abroad, on judicial puppets. I’m interested in the point. Putin is the one who is needed in the fight against terrorism, the one with whom you need to be able to talk, and no doubt about it. But trust Putin? Would not that extreme like those that Talleyrand considered “insignificant”? By the way, when I published an article I wrote his name incorrectly — Tilaran, just sealed, but now I feel like a vigilante for what the French call Michelangelo “Michel-ange”, an eye for an eye.