Amazing Antalya: what to see and how to save money on vacation

Antalya is the largest Turkish city located on the Mediterranean sea. In addition, this is the most important tourist region in the country. Antalya attracts tourists throughout the year, and an increasing number of hotels remain open year-round.

Antalya is a place where the mountains meet the sea, where there are extensive and green canyons, Golden beaches, and breathtaking waterfalls of extraordinary beauty draw a picture on the background which create the rich history of the region.


In 2016, the number of tourist arrivals from Ukraine to Turkey reached a record level – more than 1 million Ukrainians, which is 48% higher than it was previously. More than half of them arrived in Antalya – 527 thousand.

It is expected that in 2017 the number of tourists from Ukraine to Turkey will increase even more, because from June 1, Ukrainians can travel to the Turkish resorts no passports, only ID cards.

For the period from January to may of 2017, Turkey was visited by 316 thousand Ukrainians and the Ukraine entered in TOP-10 of leaders of tourist arrivals to Turkey, showing a growth of 24.48% in comparison with indicators of last year. The most popular region among citizens of Ukraine was traditionally Antalya.

According to the Director of Coral Travel Ukraine Tatyana Prokopenko, which entered into force on visa-free regime with the European Union did not affect the interest of Ukrainians to Turkey.

“The demand for Turkey is preserved, it this year is very high,” – said in comments “Today,” Tatiana Prokopenko.

According to her, Ukrainian citizens often choose two tours lasting about 9 nights. The average cost of this tour is at $ 1,320. The bulk of Ukrainian tourists – 85% – choose 5-star hotels. Hotels of 4-and 3-star hotels account for 13% and 2% of tourists from Ukraine, respectively.


Despite all the wrong the strong opinion that holidays in Turkey – it is only the sea and the beaches, there are plenty of attractions and historical monuments.
Heart beats in Antalya’s historic quarter of kaleiçi, surrounded by the winding streets and traditional Ottoman mansions. Fortified on all sides of the fortress and its storied Harbor welcomed SV. Paul and SV. Barnabas in the 1st century, and then of the Emperor Hadrian, whose name today adorns the marble triumphal entrance into the city. Today the fortress of the castle is occupied by this beautifully restored stone and wooden houses, which over the last decade has been transformed one by one into a charming small hotel, lovely galleries and boutiques. Throughout the length of the narrow streets are drawn to craft shops and unchanging handmade carpets, in walls, lush has grown bougainvillea.

The history of the city clearly represented in unique Antalya Museum are more than 5 thousand artifacts, telling about nearly 50 thousand years of human history that have left their traces in the Anatolian earth. Among the artifacts the Museum has a superb collection of Greek statues of mythical gods and marble portraits of Roman emperors such as Trajan, Hadrian, and Septimius Severus.

For guests who like to actively spend leisure, Antalya offers a wide choice of entertainment. In the mountains there is rafting, Biking and even jeep Safari tours, routes which pass through such villages as Elmali, where life is as easy as apples, in honor of whom she called. Or walk on the riverboat at the mouth of the Manavgat river, past Golden beaches to the temple of Apollo in the ancient city of side. In addition, Antalya is actively developing sports tourism. In particular, there are numerous Golf courses, football and tennis courts.

Along the coastal road to the East of the city of Antalya is the ancient city of Perge, which was preached by the apostles Paul and Barnabas. Perge is located in the territory of one of the best stadiums in the ancient world.

Melting ice on the peaks of the Taurus mountains down to Antalya plateau, gives rise to the most beautiful waterfalls in Turkey: Kursunlu, Manavgat and Dudine. Here in restaurants you can taste local dishes, his legs dangling in the cool water.


In Antalya is actively developing the concept of a family holiday. There are many hotels, specializes in this video vacation. For example, the Xanadu Resort is located in Belek for families with children there are lots of amenities. Such as: tents on playgrounds, adapted kitchen for children, kids club, pool with beach entrance, water slides and more.


For early booking of the tour in the autumn season (late August – mid October), you can save up to 20%.

To rest is not much “hit the pocket”, it is also possible to pay in three parts: 25% + 25% + 50%. Final payment must be made no later than a week before the trip.

Thank you for the press tour of the tour operator Coral Travel in Ukraine.