The family, which is preparing for the “end of the world”

After the presidential election, a popular movement is breaking all records and attracted followers from Democrats, Republicans and generally all classes of society.

In fact, 52-year-old Stan Pruett (Stan Pruiett) intended to make your family katastrophalen bullet resistant. But after some calculations, the family came to the conclusion that it will be too heavy. Priority, convenience, food supply, water and fuel to be able to travel long distances.

I mean, if everything suddenly goes to hell.

Or when, as they say in the circles of piperov, “the whiff of kerosene” (“the shit hits the fan”).

Stan Pruett does not believe that he was afraid. On the contrary. All his adult life, he was preparing to not have to be afraid of.

We meet with him, his wife Sonett (Shawnette), 49 years old, and children Korina (Korina), age 17, Marin (Marin), 14 and Cody (Cody), 11 years, at the annual exhibition of preparou PrepperCon South of salt lake city in the conservative state of Utah.

16 years Stan was a police officer and added, “many narkomatov in new Mexico to your track record.” He is one of those who feels like it’s getting worse. Now he is working in advance. The philosophy is that the more prepared people are, the less will be the consequences of the disaster. Stan organizes self-defense courses, training in mixed martial arts for children, talks about small arms, teaches beginners to wield a knife and is now studying evacuation plans. All that we may need when it comes to the “end of the world as we know it”.

What it means, different prepare understand differently. In General, none of them believes that the state will rescue them when it happens.

“When society falls apart, we should be able to protect themselves”

For Stan Pruett the most likely scenario is a natural disaster with subsequent social chaos. But as a member of the Mormon Church, he does not exclude that not far off may be the day of judgment. His wife believes that social unrest will trigger a political situation.

“I hope that this will not happen, but a lot points that way, she says. — And if society collapses, we should be able to defend themselves, especially in the case that the laws will cease to operate. Food stores will be empty in a few days, and just imagine what will follow”.

The culture of repperov is based on individualism. With increasing wealth diminishes individual willingness to crises. But in parallel with the decline of confidence in the state’s growing human need to feel prepared. Modern IT society seems to be vulnerable, and ancient knowledge about how to build a fire, hunt and grow their own food are valued higher.

© AFP 2017, Monica DaveyПреппер Adam Taggart raised chickens, pigs and sheep, preparing to survive disasters and emergency situations

This culture went from the 1970-ies, when there was a war in Vietnam and the cold war. Then came the series of events that contributed to the development of the movement. The September 11 attack. Financial crisis. Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when tens of thousands of people in New Orleans were in dire Straits, shops looted, and rescuers could not get to places. The Bush administration was sharply criticized for its inability to act. In the age of Obama instead, there was fear that the government will deprive citizens of their freedom and rights, for example, highly valued among Republicans the right to bear arms, and it also attracted new supporters.

Telecast on prepper was a great success

The General public the phenomenon became known for its documentaries and popular reality shows such as “doomsday Peppery” (“Doomsday Preppers”) on National Geographic. The Prime Minister in 2012 had been viewed more than four million people, and by the end of the season the show became the most watched in the history channel. But if the television programs mostly show the most extreme adherents of the movement, preferably with a bunker under the house, now there is a growing number of more moderate supporters.

In traditionally conservative parts of the United States the vast majority are still white men, but after the autumn presidential elections, many felt that the boundaries are erased. Even among the progressive residents of the metropolis can suddenly detect the bug-out-bag — the bag stuffed the most necessary things to survive the first 72 hours. Money in the Bank is also no longer considered a guarantee of a peaceful sleep. Because where to put the money when the store shelves are gaping emptiness, says Sonnett, Pruett.

Here is how to prepare the one who is filthy rich

The trend is visible even in Silicon valley. In the beginning of the year in the magazine the New Yorker has attracted worldwide attention the article “Preparing for the judgment day for the very rich” (Doomsday prep for the super rich): journalist Evan Osnos (Evan Osnos) had a unique opportunity to see how some of the most successful entrepreneurs from the world of high technology has raised the idea of a “Plan B” to a new level.

For example, the founder of Reddit, Steve Huffman (Steve Huffman) created the special motorcycles, because everyone who has seen the movie “deep impact” (Deep Impact) 1998, you know, that’s the only way to leave the city when there trying to get out all at the same time. Or a house in New Zealand, which has become a status symbol among the wealthy preparou. They buy homes with a private landing pad on the nature on the other end of the earth, where if anything can “make a break”. And perhaps the most extreme example: entrepreneur Larry Hall (Larry Hall) launched the project “Condominium of survival” (Survival Condo Project) — luxury protected complex of 15 floors below ground in Kansas city with apartments at $ 3 million each. All are already sold out, of course.

Trump has made people worry about the future

It is also noticeable that the movement expanded after the autumn presidential elections. No exact figures, but “the American network of piperov” (The American Preppers Network) reports that they now have more than 40 thousand members — more than ever. And, it seems, anxiety is equally great as among Democrats and among Republicans. One of the reasons — the alarming number of preparou about natural disasters, and this fear stems from the fact that trump now turns climate policy Obama. Others say that after trump won the election, has increased the fear of war. They hoped that time his motto “America first,” that the United States would not join the war in Syria, so they took the news that the US attacked the Syrian regime, and hence to Russia’s allies, as a reminder that the third world war may not be far off.

Professor Robert Meyer (Robert Meyer), a specialist in risk management at the Wharton school of business, believes that public opinion has clearly changed:

“During the elections and after them came the sense of approaching death and chaos for unknown reasons, and it made people worry about the future,” he said on radio New Orleans Public Radio.

Many businesses that sell goods necessary for survival, talking about the same thing. The company My Patriot Supply, which sells food that is suitable for life in the bunker, told Business Insider that their online sales have doubled in the week when trump is sworn, in comparison with the same period a year earlier. And for the fall it sold three times more than usual.

Nicole survived in the woods 57 days

The exhibition in the suburbs of salt lake city has sold 13 million tickets, and is involved in her 200 companies. They sell gas masks, solar panels, weapons and cooking devices that freeze and dried food. Goes on stage a fashion show during which kids demonstrate bullet-proof school bags.

A highlight of the program was Apelian Nicole (Nicole Apelian). Last year she participated in the program extreme survival “In isolation” (“Alone”) on channel History Channel. Within 57 days, she alone survived in the wild. The storm raged, it was cold, it was surrounded by wild beasts. Of food and water was only rain water — and that she will be able to find and catch.

“I liked it, she says. — I understand that the point was in difficulties, but I felt happy and life was simple. There was no need to worry about anything except fire, food, protection from wind and water. Began work the brain of primitive man, and all unnecessary interference disappeared.”

In fact, she doesn’t want to call themselves preparam, too large a share of fear underlying this culture, and fear need to learn to keep in check, she says.

“But Yes, given the political climate, I think that the third world war is very possible. The disappearance of electricity is also easy to imagine.”

© RIA Novosti, Sergei Maligawa | go to photobacteria with the supply of the Crimea

Her advice to visitors who approach her after class to practice.

“Now a lot of people buy all sorts of equipment and never used. They have bags with the necessary supplies, but the packaging is not opened. They don’t even know how hard this bag is to carry.”

“Try everything, says Nicole. — Start with that turn off home electricity and water for 72 hours. It’s easy and reliable exercise. You will understand what is missing and what you need to practice. And will be trained not to panic”.

Nicole Apelian the huntress, working as a Safari guide in Africa, she is also a specialist in natural medicine and knows almost everything about plants. In addition, after the program she ran with the winner of the first season of Alan Kay (Alan Kay), and they loved each other — so now two professional survivalist live under the same roof. In the basement they keep a supply of food and water for at least a year.

“Many people think that they should move to the countryside if something happens, but after I hunted for food during the two months, I got very useful advice — pick up a supply of food at home,” says Nicole.

17-year-old Corina in the bag three knives

For family, Pruett their katastrophalen — or “rescue trailer” (bug out camper), as they say, has a sedative effect. When they first went on a long test drive, Sonett felt in her body spreads a feeling of peace. Everything worked as it should. Besides, it was comfortable and not so crowded as she feared.

“In the worst case we can sleep in this hole, and even a couple of people the place will be,” she says to her husband, lying down with him and three younger children side by side in the car.

© AP Photo, Rick Warren BowmerСэм climbs on the prototype of an armored vehicle on Pepperstone in salt lake city, USA

Children helped in creating the equipment and training to overcome the different crisis situations as I can remember.

“This gives me confidence, says 17-year-old Corina. — I want to know that nothing can happen to my family, and I’m that one person who checks all for a second time to make sure that dad didn’t miss anything”.

Last Christmas she got a third knife, and she wears it in a backpack.

The family lives in Eden, a village with 650 inhabitants in the mountains North of salt lake city.

“We like that it’s so small, it creates a sense of security, but at the same time, we’re not really here lost in the wilderness, says of Sonett. — Now a lot is happening with our government. Many people who come to the United States want to take away our freedom and our rights, and there are people who don’t want to have organized society.”

How prepared are you and what is your greatest fear?

Eric Rasmussen, 23, instructor survival in the wild, salt lake city:

“My job is to teach others, and I also am always ready to “drive off”. I have in California in the secret places buried a few bags, and here in Utah, too, along the highway. They have everything you need, like food, water and knives. And I always dressed so that I can run around and climb. I’m ready for anything, but whatever happens, the biggest threat will be the people themselves”.

Larry, 55, a former soldier, and Margaret, 54, nurse, salt lake city:

“We equipped a place in the mountains. We have a military tent and we will try to become self-sufficient. In recent years, we have bought two rifles and two pistols. We don’t feel safe. In the US, can someone to invade at any moment. Most of all we fear North Korea and Russia. President trump is trying to build up our military forces, but the defense is far from what it was during the Reagan years when I was in the military”.

J. P. Larkin, 47, a leader in the field of HR, with his wife Karina Larkin, 46, and children Allianoi, 11, and Tobin, 9:

“I don’t think the Apocalypse is coming, but worried about natural disasters. I reserve ammunition, weapons and food, so we’ll last a few weeks. The problem is that neighbors may not be so well prepared, so we’re not talking loudly. After all, what if the neighbors have guns, but no food? This is a test of humanity.”

© AP Photo, Rick BowmerКен stone demonstrates Motoped Survival Bike on Pepperstone in salt lake city, USA

Amanda Anderson, 16, student, salt lake city:

“My dad always says that could start a war. I am afraid of the most. When trump attacked Syria, I thought that now everything will begin. I was anxious since he became President. We have a basement full of food and a lot of weapons, and learned to shoot at age 6. But if you start nuclear war, we are not so much we can do.

Fear of those who are not ready

On the wall above the bed hangs the machine gun, “Colt” AR-15.

If something happens, it is important not just to prepare himself, but to protect themselves from those who are not prepared, explains Stan. Even if you’re willing to share food with the greatest possible number of people.


“I read a lot about how people. When they are afraid, they focus only on ourselves. Suddenly ready for “anything to survive”. Steal, steal, anything.”


Sonett said that in the worst case she, too, will be able to.

“We’ve been practicing. I will do everything I can to protect their children, but still hope that this will not happen”.