Confiscated from the Jews masterpieces: “they can Now be exhibited in the Museum”

PRaboutklyatyh masterpieces of the last century, which are associated with the suspicion that they were confiscated from Jews during the Nazi years, can get to the national Museum. A few days before Christmas, a Munich court allowed the desire set forth in the will of Cornelius Gurlitt (Cornelius Gurlitt), collector, stored at home more than a thousand paintings of the greatest masters of painting of the XIX and XX century (Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Cezanne, Degas, Chagall, Corot — only some of their names). Gurlitt had wished that all his legacy was transferred to the Museum of fine arts Bern; however, it is doubt about how has been gathered this collection, still did not allow the German and Swiss authorities to give permission for the purchase of these works.

A will is genuine

From the decision of the Munich court, first of all one fundamental fact: the expression of will in the will of Cornelius Gurlitt is authentic, during his preparation, he was sane. It was, therefore, rejected the request of a cousin collector, convinced that Gurlitt in some way forced to sign this document. Thus disappeared the main legal obstacle that prevented until today to transfer stored by the German authorities in the state repository pattern specified in the will to the recipient. But what, then, prevents the emergence of what could become one of the most unusual cultural places of attraction in Europe? As already mentioned, the shadow is still hanging over the Gurlitt collection, surfaced in 2012 with one of the most tragic pages of history of the XX century. Here, the tape must be rolled again.

Shadows of the Third Reich

Cornelius is the son of Hildebrand Gurlitt (Hildebrand Gurlitt), a connoisseur and art dealer, who worked closely with Hitler and Goering. In particular, he worked with the most high-ranking Nazi officials, who were, on the one hand, the campaign against the so-called “degenerate art”, and with another — was involved in the theft of property belonging to Jewish families. About the Hildebrand Gurlitt known that he was one of the experts, which in the Austrian Linz was to be founded a Museum, representing the glory of the Third Reich. Hundreds of thousands of paintings were literally swallowed by the history in those years. The suspicion is that the 1500 works, discovered in the home of Gurlitt’s son, were illegally seized from their owners or bargain them for a pittance. Two paintings, however, have been returned to descendants of their original owners, just because they were restored to their footprint: it is about the “Sitting woman” by Matisse, which belonged to the Paris art collector Paul Rosenberg (Paul Rosenberg), and about the painting by max Liebermann (Max Lieberman) “Riders on the shore” returned David Toreno (David Toren), the heir of David Friedman (David Friedmann), who had stolen the painting.

Swiss awkwardness

In fact: Switzerland still feels a bit awkward, in agreeing to accept this gift, because of the unclear origin of masterpieces. For this reason it was reached “gentleman’s agreement” with the Bavarian side, which dealt with the latency of the paintings. In the Berne Museum will not arrive until those works, the original owners which was impossible to install. Thus, the “proceedings” remains open, as for the most part the Gurlitt collection and at least 180 paintings. Therefore, the collection of “stolen Jewish art” will open soon.