Dark alliances series “Game of thrones”

One of the themes of the 7th season of “Game of thrones” is that as you approach this vast narrative to its end stakeholders who have long been separated or were unfamiliar with each other, began to converge.

Last Sunday, something similar happened everywhere, and about 98 of the side story lines are unfolding in numerous conversations, as well as in short episodes, which are full of dialogues and actions. Characters, familiar to us for many years, first met each other or have met in new ways, and their meeting was alternately touching, repulsive, permissive and deadly.

Euron Greyjoy (Euron Greyjoy) met with a couple of Sand Snakes (Sand Snakes), and no good for these ladies it’s not over (rested in peace, I believe). Melisande (Melisandre) discussed the prophecy with Daenerys Targaryen (Daenerys Targaryen) and Tyrion (Tyrion). Yara (Yara) and Ellariya (Ellaria) studied new levels of their relationship, but their studies were interrupted by naval battle. Father Samwell Tarly (Samwell Tarly) discussed loyalty with Jaime (Jaime). Samwell Sam was trying to cure Jorah (Jorah) from of grayscale and… (not for the faint of heart).

Others studied each other, as did Daenerys Targaryen, and Varys (Varys), who were able to fit stretched for six seasons complicated story in dialogue, which took only a few pages (and, mostly, it was the case). Elsewhere in the castle Dragonstone (Dragonstone) Grey Worm (Grey Worm) and Missunde (Missandei) has found a way to arrange everything.

But we weren’t even close to the most important event. We are talking about the promised meeting between Jon snow (Jon Snow) and Daenerys, which was agreed last week after the discovery of Sam’s dragonglass — John wants to occupate at Denis’s plenty — and last Sunday ended received from Tyrion invitation.

This letter caused almost universal contempt on the part of northerners, who do not trust any Targaryen, nor the Lannisters, (Even strong Lady Marmont (Lady Mormont) urges John to refuse the invitation). The result was several scenes to create alliances in this risky game, which reinforced xenophobic fears about king’s landing and forced Denis to negotiate about the internal struggle, the Achilles ‘ heel of large coalitions. It was discussed how best to rule through conquest of hearts (Varys and Tyrion), or due to the discharge of fear (Ellariya, lady Olenna).

However, John decided to go to the castle of Dragonstone, and such an outcome is, in fact, never questioned, because his departure triggers a few story lines that for some time waiting for their turn.

One of them, of course, connected with the meeting of John and aunt of Denis, because its result can become the most powerful Union in this series and the latest dubious Union, if they’ll tie the knot before clarification of family ties (in the castle of Dragonstone romantic atmosphere). I am encouraged by the fact that Melissandre, which always was successful in unraveling the mysteries John will be able to clarify some things. Although Davos may otherwise relate to it.

But John is found with less powerful Queen Dragon Stone, because by this time a significant portion of its fleet destroyed by surprise attack Euron, and Yara, Theon, Ellariya and Sand Snakes in some way affected. Reaction to the invasion itself was chaotic, but Saw Asbeck (Pilou Asbaek) continues to attract attention as his character is Euron, which is a strange ladder, suffered a few unfortunate sailors. The result may seem a shock as to usually patient strategies, Dany, and Tyrion plans to use neinastran occupiers to counter the rhetoric of nativists Cersei (“He’s a smart man, and I knew a lot of smart men,” said lady Olenna, turning to Denis and opening, perhaps a fault line, which will increase as a result of this defeat. “I outlived them all,” she says, “because I ignored them”.

Another thing related to the care of John, is that Sansa (Sansa) gets control of the Winterfell. The impression that she is ready for this, however, it becomes vulnerable to always somewhere lurking the Pinky. If she will submit to his ambitions, whether it is, in the end, the secret way to associate it with those values which she had borrowed from Cersei? Or Arya will appear in time to help her be worthy of the behavior of the best representatives of the kind of stark?

I was worried last week about the emotional state of an Arya after her, in fact, terrible and ruthless destruction of House Frey (Frey House). However, on Sunday, at least there were some signs of the kind of girl we all remember.

Arya initially behaved distantly and enjoyed another hot pie Hot Pie (Hot Pie), but when this guy revealed his true narrative purpose — to tell her that John came back to power in Winterfell — it distracted her from trying to take revenge on king’s landing. Her belief seemed to go through another test in the form of a wolf the size of a pony — it looks like it was Nymeria (Nymeria), which we last saw in the First season, when she drove away for her own safety (You remember — she clung to the hand of Joffrey Baratheon).

I admit that I don’t know exactly what happened in the relationship between Arya and wolves. It seemed that Nymeria was the head of a wild pack and had served a poisonous metaphor for a kind of wandering of the destroyer, which could be Arya, if she will lose touch with his own humanity, and that such a course of events she tried to prevent returning home to Winterfell.

“It’s not you,” said she, speaking, perhaps, to yourself (although the relationship between the Starks and their wolves are complex). But, as in the case of other unions or reunions shown in last Sunday’s episode, the true significance of this moment is probably yet to understand.

Some thoughts that occurred at the time when we’re not talking about the dead:

— It was quite a fitting end for Obara (Obara) and Nymeria sand, which in the Sunday series were lengthy conversations about the giants, whom they planned to kill only to then be robbed Euron with their own firecrackers (or to be strangled with his own whip, as in the case of Nigeria). The sand Snakes appeared with great fanfare in the stunning opening scenes in the Fifth season, but they are in the “Game of thrones” is one of the biggest disappointments (in my list contains also the time spent with Arya in Black-and-White house, and supposedly invincible 100-strong army of wildlings).

The situation escalated last week in the race for the title of the main Maester of Westeros. Until it leads Qyburn (Qyburn), a record of which already appears resuscitation of super-soldiers and also the scheme of the arc of a forest fire. Now, it seems, he works with experts in the field artillery from king’s landing to improve the crossbow to destroy air targets, which should be the basis of defense initiatives of Cersei for protection from the dragons. However, don’t underestimate versatile as a Swiss military knife, Samwell — this puts books on shelves, carrying bedpans, weighing of the liver and trained Maester, who in a previous series found the dragonglass, which may, this week could be used to treat the grayscale. However, I would be able to live without seeing how Jorah turns into a piece of charred bacon. I’m not sure that I ever will be able to order in the restaurant, crispy pieces of meat.

— Moreover, perhaps the secret is just to delete the bad chunks and apply the ointment? I’m not a Maester, but that seems to be basic things.

— For all that, it was grotesque and ridiculous transition from the sword of the Sam to the pie filling, which Hot Pie talks at the hotel, although my wife couldn’t disagree.

— The fact that Hot Pie was able to convince Arya to go home and not back to king’s landing, it seems a good development, although I was less impressed with his experiencing the fate of the statement, “I always survive”. Let’s hope that the snow will be too busy with other things and won’t finish it.

— Last week there are many theories regarding the gift that Euron promised to present Servi. It seems that it will be Ellariya sand, the murderer of Princess Myrcella (Myrcella) and her own daughter of Tien. Whatever he may have been the shortcomings — it seems that he has all the possible weaknesses, Euron seems like he knows that you can give a vengeful Queen with formed after the death of his daughter hole that still remained from her heart.

— In addition to the Sand Snakes, another big loser after the attack Euron is probably Theon (Theon), who loses his presence of mind precisely at the moment when he had to save his sister, or at least make a convincing attempt (Yara traces its flight episode Ellaria. He tells her that when she’s Queen of the Iron Islands, Theon will become its protector). It looks like an emotional breakdown, but whether we believe that Theon made the wrong decision? Did he have any reasonable chance to save Yar and defeat your uncle? In my opinion, he will have another opportunity to earn your red badge of courage before it’s all over.

In any case, Theon, Grey Worm (Grey Worm) and Varys were important episodes on Sunday, and it was a significant week for eunuchs.

— What would you say? What do you think about the meeting of Nymeria? Not whether there will be soon a split between Daenerys and Tyrion? What type of treatment Jorah makes you sick?