Useful properties of ginger: improved memory, weight loss and thirst-quenching

A popular spice, ginger its characteristic aroma and taste owe to included essential oils. At the same time its roots are used as a remedy from various diseases. Ginger useful properties to cure colds, is used for weight loss or weight loss. Regular intake of ginger root stimulates cerebral circulation, improves memory and attention, which is especially important to employees of intellectual labor. In addition, the seasoning is wonderful tones, according to

The use of spices in cooking

Ginger root has a positive effect on the digestive function, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, improves blood circulation. It is recommended to add in fatty foods, seasoning promotes better digestion and breakdown of fats. Contained in the composition of amino acids accelerate the flow of metabolic processes. Spice is an important element of Indian and Asian cuisine. It tones, gives the dish its characteristic aroma and taste. The ancient Greeks added it to the bread.


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People in Medieval Europe had to flavor vegetable and meat dishes, liqueurs and cordials. To enhance the shading of taste is often mixed with nutmeg and cardamom, used honey or lemon. Seasoning is used when baking cakes, muffins, cupcakes. It is used in the manufacture of kvass, cordials, liqueurs, wine. The spice enhances the aroma of tea, ginger extract is used in brewing beer is added when canning vegetables. Meat dishes made from beef, pork, lamb, acquire a special flavor. The spice is used in sausage products, in the manufacture of cheese, dishes of vegetables, noodles, rice, mushrooms, various salads. Put it in meat and vegetable soups, poultry broth, porridge. Seasoning is widely used in the manufacture of ketchups and sauces.

  • How useful ginger

Seasoning contains several varieties of essential oils that give the characteristic aroma and resinous substances, the so-called gingerols, the source of sharp burning taste.

The plant contains vitamins a, B, C, minerals magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus. With regular use useful properties of ginger are particularly beneficial effect on the digestive system. Stimulates appetite, secretion of gastric juice that helps with indigestion, belching, prevent gastric ulcer. Enhanced cerebral blood circulation, increases the activity of the thyroid gland to produce hormone.

  • Recipe tea with ginger to lose weight

Prepared just like tea for getting rid of colds. Brew a small amount of fresh root or dried powder. To better the real thing, you can use a thermos. Useful ginger tea for weight loss taken for half an hour before meals. It accelerates metabolism, causing intense body fat burning. You should not expect quick results, so how to drink ginger will have a few months. It is possible to count on reduction of body weight one to two pounds.