Why Ukraine is developing slowly?

Soon Ukraine birthday — 26 years of independence. If we compare the age with human development, we get the following conclusion: in 26 years the personality is already formed, has its own tastes and preferences, have received higher education and work in the specialty. That is, ripe with life experience unit of society.


Moving from person to country, note the following: in his 26 years, Ukraine has an unstable political and economic system, is missing in most cases their own opinion, so to speak, is guided by the principle — the need to adapt to more experienced and Mature players in the international arena. This is a huge mistake that the citizens allow the leadership of the country (which very often changes, but not in a qualitative way) to make convenient for themselves and their environment solution.


So let’s analyze what is happening with the Ukrainian people, a people which is rich in history and culture, but easily amenable to manipulation of any policy.


Observed situation: the political participation of people did not suffice neither forces, nor time. The soul fills the citizens ‘ political apathy. On the one hand, every man independent and at the same time vulnerable. Independence gives a person confidence, increases self-esteem, and helplessness asserts his belief that everybody can rely only on own forces, because all of the surrounding “is equally weak and indifferent”. The neighbors hate each other just for the reason that each considered the other to be equal. On the other hand, the Ukrainians live by double standards: while “out and proud, and slavishly obsequious”: contemptuous of any chief and humiliating flattering to any master. The power at the same time expanding its sphere of influence, and the citizens work for the government, unwittingly. Accordingly, the Ukrainians allow the powers that be to spend on an experiment and get involved in adventures, which leads to centralization of power. As you know, any Central government “is in love with uniformity”. Instead of making laws for all people, they promote the idea of “fit all people under one law”, destroy local self-government is a powerful source of popular sovereignty; the individual falls into complete dependence on the authorities.


In order for ordinary citizens to become smarter, the laws and the Constitution will not be enough. The school of legal and political education of citizens should be the local government. Besides, you need a strong and independent judiciary that must become an effective counterweight to the administrative power. The arbitrariness of legislators can be neutralized by constant judicial control. In legal education of citizens play a decisive role not public authorities, and the mentality of the people, its traditions, habits and moral foundations of the nation, is also designed to inhibit “harmful attraction to equality” that only leads to “equality in slavery”, without any qualitative changes and real reforms.


These components are the answer to the question: why Ukraine is slowly developing? Yes, all because only 10% of the 40 million population (according to polls) are members of public organizations devoting time to monitoring the government’s actions and requiring officials to consider the society needs laws and public projects, and the rest of the citizens live from time to time or adapt to best them political power and are included in the system itself, to be the same as the rest.


Domestic and international experts do not stop for years people repeating that the changes occur at the level of mentality, otherwise no one will ever save Ukraine. Logically, if the people themselves do not want to do for themselves, and waiting for a miracle, manna from heaven will not.


According to personal observations, in concert with the same Song or other place, you can easily receive 1,500 visitors from all over Ukraine, at that time, as rallies, petitions, elections are not perceived by citizens seriously until they do not become some kind of “star”.


Despite the fact that in Ukraine were two of the Maidan, occupied Crimea, the war in the Donbass, but the citizens have not learned to think big, in the next few years to develop the strategy for socio-economic development, and then it all comes down to local issues, mini-decisions and dreams that Ukraine will develop, “as if by magic, in my volition.”


Perhaps the citizens themselves are afraid to admit that to live simpler and all the troubles to blame anyone, but not themselves. For example, to pay unreasonable taxes for entrepreneurial activity, but in any case not to speak out against the system. To discuss the low salaries and pensions in the kitchen, but, again, that happens to be taken as fact and to keep silent. And so constantly. I believe that the Ukrainians as a nation are very patient and that’s why our country is slowly developing. When you need to defend their rights under the law, people pay a bribe to a government institution that they had not been touched, and only in rare cases individuals begin to protest.


What’s the difference between the ruling class and the people? In income and authority, and the rest, especially the level of consciousness, they are almost identical.


I am in no means trying to insult and humiliate their fellow citizens, but on the contrary — I urge you to start finally, the changes in themselves, believe in their strength and mind, and not constantly delayed reforms and to delay the progress in Ukraine. Ukraine is the center of Europe, and we don’t need to wait from the hegemony of the indications we are able to restore order in the country, you need to take and do, not talk about our history, regret what happened, the main thing — not to expect from a brazen “embezzlers” brilliant ideas to save the nation. Can another 100 years to wait and anything good not to wait. In our time every citizen can work in the field of local government, to work in the Parliament and other private and public organizations, it does not need to be a owner of big business and big fortunes, and step by step each in his place will make a positive contribution to the country. From the beginning with the lips of the people should sound: “I want to live in a prosperous Ukraine, and I do it.” Without their own want nothing.