The doctors found out what products not be heated

Doctors say that once cooked and re-heated food loses many of its beneficial qualities and sometimes turns into harmful meals. The dishes can form harmful substances that can harm not only the digestive system, writes “Orthodox”.

Experts do not recommend re-expose food to heat treatment, especially made of beet, meat, mushrooms, eggs and potatoes. Beet loses its vitamins during the subsequent heating. Meat with additional heat treatment loses a significant amount of its taste. But the main thing – when this occurs, the splitting of easily digestible proteins.

Because the meat it refers to long and hard to digest products, with a loss of protein it turns into dangerous for the digestive system food. Like meat, mushrooms contain in its composition of proteins. Then re-heat treatment makes them harmful to human health product. It is not necessary to heat up a boiled egg or previously cooked omelette.

Otherwise useful trace elements contained in them will remain in a miniscule amount, but the dish will be very harmful toxins and carcinogens. Potato dishes become harmful when repeatedly heated. The reason for this phenomenon is the starch, which is rich in potatoes. When heated the starch breaks down under high temperatures.