The initiative “little Russia” seems pointless, but we do not underestimate her

In recent days, Alexander Zakharchenko, the leader of the so-called Donetsk people’s Republic, had the attention of the world community, and all because he announced the emergence of a new state called Ruthenia. This step, which nobody in the world expected, insufficiently justified and at first glance seems pointless.

Recall that, strictly speaking, occurs in the East of Ukraine. The crisis erupted in the fall of 2013, when Ukrainian citizens took to the streets to Express their disagreement with the Pro-Russian policies of then-President Viktor Yanukovych. Because people also demanded the return of their country to the European path, Russia decided to punish their neighbor and as much as possible to complicate his shift to Europe.

Violating international law, Moscow occupied and annexed Crimea, and sent in some Ukrainian cities group of saboteurs, which was to provoke an armed conflict with Kiev in an extremely weakened state power. In most regions this diversion failed, but in Lugansk and Donetsk the Russian agents and local separatists have managed to create and defend in the battles of education, which took control of the territory of two Eastern Ukrainian regions. They have declared themselves independent States, but they did not recognize even their protector — Putin’s Russia.

However, Moscow supports their military and economic resources so that these entities are not destroyed. So in the East of Ukraine was “frozen” conflict that has already claimed ten thousands of lives, and that every day Ukraine is causing a lot of damage. Thus, Moscow to Kiev a very difficult transformation needed to reorient the country from Russia to Europe.

Now Mr Zakharchenko announced the emergence of the Ukraine. It is not about the current non-viable pseudo-States — little Russia, as expected, occupy the entire territory of Ukraine. The new Republic should become a member of the Moscow-controlled Commonwealth of Independent States. In Donetsk was allegedly compiled “all-Ukrainian Congress”, which approved the establishment of the Ukraine, thus ensuring its democratic legitimacy.

Of course, such statements can pull the plug, calling them an invention of man, a lunatic. But doing so is dangerous. Of course, anyone can go on the wrong step or making a mistake, but events of recent years we have repeatedly proven that underestimate Putin’s regime is impossible, especially when he makes sudden moves in foreign policy.

The order to proclaim the new state came from the Kremlin?

Let’s not forget that Mr Zakharchenko and the rest of the separatists exist only by the mercy of Moscow. Therefore, a step such as the proclamation of the Ukraine, were taken either on orders from the Kremlin or on the basis that the protectors Zakharchenko this initiative will ultimately approve.

By the way, Mr. Surkov, the chief ideologist of President Putin allegedly said that the idea of creating the Ukraine has its advantages. If you believe the paraphrase of his views expressed, for example, in the newspaper “Kommersant”, the Kremlin’s strategist believes that expressing such a proposal, the separatists from Eastern Ukraine were given to understand that you don’t want to secede from Ukraine and split it as a state. On the contrary, his initiative they want to preserve the integrity of Ukraine and to transform it as I would like Moscow. This idea is not so senseless as it might seem at first glance.

If you look at the initiative “little Russia” through the eyes of Surkov, it is clear that her appearance might be a consequence of the fact that Putin’s entourage model of frozen conflict in Ukraine in its own way has exhausted itself. Yes, the conflict with separatists Kiev constantly deals damage, but it is costly, and Moscow.

In addition, Ukraine has proved that on his way to Europe able to move forward despite all the problems, such as high levels of corruption and huge public debt. Visa-free regime with the EU is a tremendous success for the state in the post-Soviet space, and, for example, Russian citizens can only dream of.

In these gradually changing conditions, the separatists with their violent methods are losing in the eyes of Ukrainians, all charm. Therefore, probably, the time came when the Kremlin wants to throw a military uniform and put on civilian clothes respectable politicians. That is another reason why we must not underestimate the seemingly meaningless initiative of the proclamation of the Ukraine.

But, more importantly, we must not forget, where did these “policies”. In the near future they may require the participation in the political life of Ukraine. We must not forget that they are far from legitimate, democratically elected representatives of the citizens. Maybe now these people will pose new challenges, and they change the wardrobe and vocabulary. But still they will remain the same already known to the separatists, which Moscow pays.