What can replace meat in the diet: the TOP 7 healthy foods

A healthy diet is conquering the world and becoming more and more popular. There is also a category of people who would like to consume less meat without reducing protein intake.

It’s enough to add to the diet the correct meat substitutes, says Lisa.

1. Eggs

They top the list of foods that supply the body protein. While the nutrients from it are absorbed almost completely. Besides, the protein is rapidly digested. Nutritionists believe that more nutrients stored in the egg, boiled soft-boiled.

2. Dairy products

They are a great source of calcium and protein. If once a day you will consume dairy products, that will cover the daily need for proteins. By the way, in curd and cheese with less fat, much more protein than the fatty foods.

3. Fish and seafood

Fish it is possible to replace meat in the diet. Fish and seafood provide the human body easily digestible protein. Moreover, fish protein is not inferior to meat. In this same amount of amino acids and minerals. In addition, thanks to vitamin D and E fish improves eyesight, skin condition, hair and teeth.

4. Beans instead of meat

Beans, peas, soybeans, lentils, rank, chickpeas can replace meat in the diet, as they contain vegetable protein. Especially useful lentils and beans. To beans is better utilized by the body, they are best used in combination with other vegetables.

5. Nuts

Protein reserves can be replenished with nuts. According to nutritionists, nuts, which helps to preserve health and youth. Most high-quality proteins found in walnuts, a little less almond.

6. Mushrooms

They are a great supplier of protein. While low in calories, which is important for those who want to lose weight. Since mushrooms are hard to digest, eat them every day is not necessary.

7. Cereals

They are also rich in protein and can replace meat. Oatmeal, rice, corn as a side dish will become an additional source of protein. And buckwheat contains more protein among other cereals (over 12%). It is beneficial to children and pregnant women.