Why do I get dark circles under eyes

Circles under the eyes is one of the most vexing problems. Regardless of how well you rested and slept, with them you’ll look emaciated.

And even with the help of reliable camouflage cream will be difficult for you to hide them, writes sass.com.ua.

Why they appear:

“The skin under the eyes becomes thinner and more transparent as we age, making tiny blood vessels more visible from below”, – says the surgeon-oculoplastic, Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai.

Of course, genetics and ethnicity play a role – people with lighter skin tones are more likely to suffer from visible dark circles. But a lot depends on your lifestyle.

“Factors such as sun exposure, can cause an increase in pigmentation,” says Dr Shah-Desai.

“Lack of sleep and dehydration due to excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine can also aggravate the problem, and a bad remedy skin care products can have the same negative effect for the eye area, as Smoking,” – said the doctor.

“Allergies and rubbing of the eyes also are the culprits that, in turn, make the skin more thin, the underlying blood vessels more visible,” she adds.

How to get rid of them:

You can reduce dark circles, choosing the right products for skin care. For this you need to pay attention to labels.

Make sure your cream contains vitamins C and K, they will make the skin lighter and will help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Also, it is very important that skin is kept hydrated, so choose a cream that contains hydrating hyaluronic acid. And of course, daily use of sunscreen is the best way to protect the skin from premature aging.

If you feel that the skin needs extra care, there is more intensive solutions that you can try – visit a professional. “Retinoic acid will remove pigmentation and saturate the skin with collagen,” says Dr. Shah-Desai.