ProZorro launched rating the best and the worst contractors – Nefedov

Electronic rating state customers Dozorro Index in the e-procurement system has earned in a pilot mode. This was announced by first Deputy Minister of economic development and trade Maksim Nefedov.

“For the first time based on a million trades and reports available in the system, the proposed monitoring tool that allows you to rate a particular customer and compare it with the conditional average customer in the group,” said Nefedov at the presentation of the rating.

According to the head of the project TAPAS (“Transparency and accountability in public administration and services”) Carlos Guerrero, the index scores are calculated based on the annual data.


  • In Ukraine eight privatized electricity companies

The customers are divided into 11 groups, schools, councils, social services, medical institutions, departments of education and culture, universities, courts, utilities, water company, post office.

Each group was divided into the top 3 of the customer who adhere to best practices, and the three that avoided them.

“We plan to calculate the index about once a week”, – said the head of the TAPAS project.

We will remind, earlier Nefedov reported that a small state-owned enterprises will be sold through Prozorro.