Black sea resorts: where and how much you can find accommodation on the coast

To talk about all the advantages of a holiday on the Black sea is meaningless, because this place is and so passionately beloved by millions of tourists. The mild climate, the sea and the unique nature make the black sea coast the perfect place to relax with friends and family.

“Today” have selected a few interesting holiday places on the Ukrainian coast of the Black sea.


Arcadia beach in Odessa. Photo: Dilanyan

Odessa is a hero city and a favorite resort destination on the Black sea coast for many people. The city is famous for its history, beauty and a distinctive sense of humour of the locals. There are well-developed resort infrastructure, there are many places for recreation and entertainment. But there are a few downsides – there are always a lot of people, and the price is not the budget.

The double standard rooms in hotels of Odessa – from 450-700 UAH per day, in a small recreation accommodation a bit cheaper. Prices on renting a Studio apartment in the city start at 500 hryvnia per day. To stay in the hostel for 130-150 USD.

Zatoka, Odessa oblast

The beach in Zatoka. Photo:

Zatoka is one of the villages on the coast of the Black sea, located 60 km from Odessa. The climate here is mild, the beaches are comfortable and gentle, and will have various types of entertainment. Located here Budakskaya spit, which on the one side by the sea, by the estuary. Another attraction of these places – Belgorod-Dniester fortress – fortifications of the XIII—XV centuries. For tourists in the Gulf have a large selection of hotels and resorts in different price segments. You can also rent a house or room in the private sector.

The cost of a double room or house with no amenities (they are located on-site) starts with a 350-450 USD per day and room with a bathroom – from 700-850 hryvnia and above. In the so-called “mini-hotels” to rent a comfortable room for 350-400 USD per day.

Room or specially prepared for tourists a room in a private house can be rented for 80-100 UAH per day (but the facilities will be on site).

Koblevo, Mykolaiv region

The beach in Koblevo. Photo:

The resort of Koblevo is the largest on the black sea coast in the Mykolaiv region. It includes boarding houses, recreation centers, Dolphinarium, water Park and other places for entertainment.
And yet, this area is famous for its vineyards. Nearby is the winery “Koblevo”.

The double hotel room starts from 600-700 hryvnia, the option of one bathroom for several rooms is a bit cheaper. Renting a wooden house – from 100 to 150 hryvnia per day, with facilities – 600-700 USD. To rent a room in a private house for 150 hryvnia per day, and part of the house for 1000-1500 USD per day.

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Zaliznyi port, Khersons’ka oblast

Beach Iron Port. Photo: archive

Iron Port is a resort village on the South of Kherson region. In the holiday season this place literally comes alive due to the large number of tourists. For vacationers on the first line of the sea there are many guest houses, lodges and hotels, and the entire Railway infrastructure of the Port is focused on visitors. Nearby the village there is the black sea biosphere reserve.

In the boarding house double room with private facilities can be rented for 250-600 UAH, at the hotel for 600-700 USD. The room rate, no amenities in guest houses or in the private sector – from 100 hryvnia per day. An apartment here can be rented for 300 hryvnias per day (converted into an apartment building the resort).

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Skadovsk, Kherson region

The old lighthouse on the island Dzharylgach. Photo: Niniko D

Skadovsk is a small town on the banks Dzharylgachskogo Bay. It is a climatic resort – the soft sea air and the warm water of the small Bay, mud and sources particularly useful for children. The most famous attraction of this place is the uninhabited island Dzharylgach, which houses the national Park. Going on a Safari, you can watch the wild animals and birds

On the South side of the island are deserted sandy black sea beaches. But the main attraction is the old lighthouse closed, vaguely reminiscent of the Eiffel tower. And this is no accident – in 1902 it was collected by Alexander Eiffel of the designs imported from France.

The double standard rooms in the Department of Skadovsk – from 480 UAH. In boarding houses this room will cost 300 hryvnia per day, and no amenities– from 100 to 150 hryvnia per person. One-bedroom apartment in the city can be had for 300-500 UAH per day, and a room for 80-100 USD.

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