An unusual experiment: how a brutal man responded to the girls with toys (video)

Brutal men with large beards and tattooed is able to “melt” under the influence of little girls with toys in his hands.

The corresponding video was published on twitter by user @deMonte_Cristo.

That can make a little girl with brutal man?

— Edmond Dantes™ (@deMonte_Cristo) 9 Jan 2017

The video shows how men come into the white room with the idea that came to audition the sets of Thriller. But then suddenly, every room comes a little girl in a pretty dress and with toys in hand.

Men were surprised and even tried not to pay attention to them, but soon joined him at the toy table and began to play with them.

It seemed very cute and funny. And brutal men who came into the room with serious faces, at the end of the video smiled a wide smile.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the owner and cat after two years of searching, touched the users of social networks.