How to run to lose weight: TOP 5 rules of effective Jogging

Look good want everything, just not always enough time and opportunity to do them. But if you want to lose weight, then it is not necessary to go to the gym, to run.

How to run to lose weight, knows Lisa.

1.Breakfast – half an hour before Jogging

To run on an empty stomach is harmful, but many are also impossible (this may cause discomfort). Perfect serving size should fit in your palm. Eat “long” carbohydrates – cheese, wholemeal bread, drink cocoa. Take it Jogging with me a bottle of water.

2. Warm-up and hitch

Thoroughly warm up the muscles before training. This is one of the main conditions for the correct Jogging for weight loss. After running restore pulse 5 min walk at a fast pace.

3. Right tempo

Do not rush! If you want to correctly run to lose weight, maintain your speed 7-9 km/h Is the optimum rate for fat burning running. To recruit the right speed (if you have pedometer) is very simple: first go 2 min at a normal pace, then go for a quick step (6-7 km/h), like you’re so in a hurry, but still hesitant to run.

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Further, adding a little speed, you run at a slow pace (so that during the movement you could hold a conversation).

4. If you have skinny calves

Gradually increase the tempo while Jogging. A quick run promotes muscle growth, makes your calf muscles more volume. If after 6 weeks with no results, it can be worn on the ankle (on top of sneaker) weight (200-300 g). The running speed should be reduced to recommended in paragraph 3. That’s what you need to run to lose weight.

5. If you want to reduce the amount of calf

I have to say, this is no easy task. But there is a way. It is best to run with a wrap (food wrap): fluid out and tighten the skin. But running must be intense. After a workout, be sure to perform some stretching exercises of calf muscles. If you follow these simple rules and run regularly, then you will be able to lose weight, and to adjust the shape and feel energized. And remember, running should be fun.