“Moscow tried to recruit me, and trump they hold on the hook”

The essence of democracy is that we all possess a certain power, but primarily in the fact that no one has all the power. Therefore, the powers of the President of the United States are not determined by what he can do and what he can not do. President trump is beginning to understand this. During the seven months of presidency, trump was formed five committees — two in the Senate, two in Congress plus Commission of spectracolor Mueller — dealing with the collection of evidence that after the bankruptcy he was getting money from the Kremlin in exchange for political favors. The dirt defines his entire foreign policy. The Washington Post accuses 18 people from the presidential team in the relations with Russia and believes that trump will repeat the fate of Nixon.

La Vanguardia: does the Russian authorities some kind of video or recording, compromising trump?

Deborah W. Nutter: I am convinced that they have the incriminating evidence. The national security Agency and intelligence of my country are working on this and produce more evidence.

— But when, where, how did this happen?

— Everything stated in the dossier of British intelligence, which was mentioned, when trump was a candidate for the presidency.

— But what: sex, money, drugs?

Yes, the services of prostitutes, but primarily money. When trump went to Russia, he was bankrupt and desperately needed the money.

But that was 30 years ago, and I don’t think trump would be ashamed of the fact that he used the services of prostitutes.

— Any American citizen that agreed to accept money in exchange for services of any kind in the USSR, committing treason. Both then and now.

— The Washington Post accuses 18 people from the trump team to assist Russia.

And it is quite obvious. That is why the five committees investigating the activities of the President: two in the Senate — on exploration and trial; and two more in Congress plus Commission of spectracular to investigate relationships trump with Russia Robert Mueller.

— How do You have such confidence in the betrayal of their President?

— When I began to study the Soviet Union, had often visited that country. Her intelligence, perfectly carried out their work, constantly looking for new contacts among Americans.

— And You could be one of them?

— I had to learn to distinguish the honest scientists from people of another kind. Yes, they were doing some visits. I tried to recruit, so I know how they work, and I think that since trump them on the hook.

— How do You know?

— The awful thing is that anyone can make a conclusion about it based on the actions of the President.

— Where’s the evidence?

Let’s start with General Flynn, sacked for having taken money from Russia. Then let’s deal with the President-in-law Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner), which trump was appointed senior Advisor to the White house and who invited the Russian Ambassador in Washington to create a special channel of communication with Moscow… Is unheard of.

— Neither he nor Flynn did not show much resourcefulness.

— Sam trump has described Flynn, who has just been appointed as his Advisor on national security issues, as an example of unprecedented stupidity. General Flynn received money for participation in the program of the Russian television and notified, as is required, and other contacts with the Russian side.

— Who are the main actors in this case?

— Another key figure is by Paul Manafort (Manafort Paul), a member of his presidential staff, having established relations with the Kremlin and worked with the puppet Pro-Moscow Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

— What services trump had Putin?

— What could be better for Russia than the US President, cast doubt on the Fifth Chapter of the Charter of the largest military bloc in the world, protecting the democratic foundations of the free world?

— Indeed, up to the present time no President was subjected to such criticism of NATO.

— Article 5 of the Charter of the Alliance obliges NATO members, including Spain, to consider any attack on one as an attack on their own country. And that commitment has managed to maintain peace on Earth for 70 years.

— Trump says that times are changing.

— I can not hear it without indignation. You know why humanity has fallen of two world wars and several genocides, turning the twentieth century into a meat grinder?

— ?

— Because it was not an Alliance like NATO, able to maintain peace in the world. Two world wars could have been avoided if the US is isolated, and took an active part in world Affairs, and created the military Alliance, which we have. And now trump is trying to destroy it.

— Russia is coming to NATO or defending against it?

— Traditionally, Russia cannot feel safe without a belt of buffer States. That’s why she interfered in the events in Moldova, Ukraine and the Caucasus. Russia always acts as the defender of the aggressor or the aggressive defender of the country.

— What does she do now in Your opinion?

— The investigation does not Bode well not only Trump but also to Putin. We, analysts, are convinced that he regrets that too quickly and too obviously used his influence to trump. Now a very confusing time, and if the President is unpredictable, in the circumstances, it will become even more unpredictable.

— In Your opinion, President trump will be finalized before the end of his first term?

— The national security Agency and intelligence service constantly exchange information. Spectacular to investigate relationships trump with Russia Robert Mueller led the FBI from 2001 to 2013 and tell us everything, including the reason why trump fired the former Director of the FBI James Komi (James Comey) when he was investigating his activities.

— When, in Your opinion, would be the verdict?

— It is unlikely that trump will be finalized before the end of his first term. The American system balances very durable and has twice finished with those who endangered it. It was during the Vietnam war and then Nixon. I think that now comes the third case.