The attack will expert reassured concerning the teachings of Russia “West-2017”

The attacks of the Russian troops to Ukraine from Belarus during military exercises “West-2017” is not worth it. This opinion was expressed in comments to the edition “GORDON” journalist, political expert of the Ukrainian Institute of the future Igor Tyshkevich.

According to him, the exercises will not be enough forces in Russia to capture Ukrainian territories.

“Exercises “West-2017” appeared not yesterday and not today. It plans about 10 years ago. Major exercises are held alternately in one of the countries of the organization of collective security Treaty. And now it is the turn of Belarus. Naturally, Ukraine is not like such exercises near its borders. Particularly given the politicization of the Ukrainian society that loves horror stories. And the horror stories about hordes of tanks coming from Russia, raises the tone, people start screaming “zrada”. But there will come three thousand people. It’s not so much. Look at the map, where will the exercises! It is the regions of Polesie. There is a swamp. Max, who can threaten a tank column, which supposedly breaks from Belarus, is the Rovno amber digger. In addition, the Ukrainian side killed road. There are no Railways. Three thousand soldiers to break through the border and the capture of Lutsk and Rivne is clearly not enough,” said Tyszkiewicz.

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He noted that this hysteria is due to the Belarusian-Russian exercise is temporary and will pass after.

“Just now there is hysteria. But it is temporary. Will be teaching, and hysteria will pass. Discussion of the attack on the Ukraine, I believe not even the stupidity, and idiocy. If we talk about the potential dangers, three thousand armed men can theoretically pose a threat. But then you can say that the Belarusian army is theoretically threatens the security of Ukraine. And likewise, theoretically Zhitomir Marines, given the flight time to the territory of Belarus, threaten Belarus. And so you can theorize for a very long time”, – concluded the expert.

Earlier, defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said that Russia could carry out a military aggression against Ukraine or any country in Europe, concentrating a large army on future joint ventures with Belarus doctrines “the West-2017”.