Movement is life: TOP 6 principles of common Jogging from the medalist of the Olympic games

Healthy body, healthy mind – the phrase is fairly common and really truthful. To feel good, it is necessary to engage in sports and Jogging is a good investment in your health, primarily for the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system.

Silver medalist of the Olympic games Irina lishchinsky said how to run, how to start beginners, what shoes to choose and how to get pleasure from this process.

How to start

Do not wait for Monday or the summer, and make the decision and start to run. It is best to come to some running club and, if possible, hire a private coach, although group activities are also good motivation and a way to find like-minded people.

First, of course, it will be difficult, delayed onset muscle soreness, etc. But I always tell people is this chest of prizes with their original data. And every workout is like a coin, it fills.

The first rule — the regularity

Three times a week you go to training. Swimming, running, something else — does not matter. The main thing — to start to walk regularly.

The second rule — gradually

In the beginning, do not so much need to run, how to do strengthening exercises for muscles and ligaments. Two minute run, a minute passed five minutes passed, the two ran. Look at the feeling, making it easy for you.

Run so that you can talk, don’t look at other who runs faster or lags. Run a little bit, it’s a great way to strengthen the heart and not to overload the musculoskeletal system.

The error of those who worked in the past for sports, the recklessness and attempts to prove to themselves and others that they can. Don’t want to do that, otherwise you can not escape pain, injuries, bad sensations in the body. Do everything in a rush! Most importantly — fun! Then, if you want, will run at the results, but you should start gradually and with a better trainer. He’ll make sure you’re setting foot properly distribute the load.

The third rule is food and water

Only in balance with proper nutrition will result. If the person is only sitting on a diet, but not moving, the effect will be temporary and short-term, and Vice versa. Do not accustom yourself to drink a lot while running, so that the excess water will not hurt you. SIP a little bit and, don’t get carried away.

Those who run decide to do more intense they are, besides water, still will require special electrolyte drinks. As we sweat, we are washed of salts and minerals that is then manifested in the form of night cramps, unpleasant sensations in the body. These micronutrients should be supplemented by special drinks. It is better to buy in professional sports shops.

The fourth rule is don’t get attached to the time of day

Jogging in the morning or evening does not matter. Do as allows your rhythm of life. If you are a beginner, a workout can take 30-40 minutes later — an hour and a half. Keep in mind that always the first muscles need to be warmed up. You can’t just come on and run — so not working. All the exercises always do on warm muscles.

The fifth rule — the right shoes and heart rate monitor

The most important thing in sports gear is sneakers. Do not chase those brands that now at all on hearing, this does not mean that they will suit you. To choose your pair of sneakers, come to a sports shop, and many now appear treadmills. You test there and check the setting of the foot: someone can fall of the foot on the outer part, someone inside, someone neutral. Based on these parameters, you should choose the shoes that suits your foot.

Better to take half a size looser, because the foot while running sound. If you run longer distances, marathons, and take on the size more.

The second important equipment is the heart rate monitor with clock, because people, not knowing your heart rate not understand how to run. Someone initially pulse is high and it should work. The main thing — not to make mistakes and it is better to start slowly.

I always say: he who learns to run slowly, then I learn to run fast without overexertion.

The sixth rule — the colder, the more layered should be wear

In the cooler months, all the muscles have to be closed in winter you can wear even thermo. Sweat pants or shorts must be of such length that there is no gap anywhere. On top of the t — shirt, fleece jacket and windbreaker, a head — band or cap and hand — gloves. If warmer jacket I got only a t-shirt and fleece. And then — the hotter, the easier it is to dress up.