Between the United States and Ukraine deteriorated diplomatic relations

Ukraine in their bilateral relations with the United States is faced with very serious problems. Making such conclusions, I rely on my extensive contacts in the U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, White house and American journalists, as well as the fact that I have been working many years in the Republican party, including during the last presidential election. I can also say with certainty that our diplomatic relations are very much deteriorated.

The reason is simple: the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington is actively trying to discredit Donald trump during our presidential elections in the United States to support Hillary Clinton, and this interference in our internal Affairs pushed Washington into power. As I recall, the only countries who ever did it was Russia and the Soviet Union.

According to Andrei Telizhenko, in the Politico article from January 11, 2017 “Ukrainian efforts to sabotage the trough”, the Ukrainian Embassy to speak that sabotages Donald trump’s chances in the elections, passing negative information about him to the Democratic party in the hope that it will acquire the rumors in Congress by September. The Americans surprised the Embassy of Ukraine has decided that it violates the free election of the most powerful country in the world, trying to manipulate our free press and Congress, and hence our presidential elections, all the time asking for further support.

That relationship has deteriorated, says that the U.S. Senate asked the possible future FBI Director Christopher ray, whether it is when I take office, to investigate this issue. To which he replied that “I would be happy to do the work”. This means two things: first, the U.S. Senate is sufficiently concerned about a violent attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty of our country, and so they decided to offer the candidate the FBI to address this issue. Secondly, the future Director of the FBI already knows about the intervention of Ukraine and confirmed that he will investigate it with pleasure. If this week the Senate will confirm ray’s position, we can be assured that the FBI will actively investigate this process.

Ukrainian diplomats, fortunately for them, participating in these secret operations against our President have diplomatic immunity, so they can leave US not knowing how to feel the hostage of the FBI. However, they will leave behind a massive mess in Washington, which, of course, will not be cleared without decisive action. The first step, obviously, is a complete dismissal of the staff of the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington and the cessation of the activities of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Poroshenko, even if he was personally involved in the decision to intervene in American elections, who can blame anyone in this one he was fired to save the reputation of Ukraine. The second step is to start the investigation of the facts of the Ukrainian side as an act of goodwill for the investigation of the United States.

The irony is that the United States is constantly support Ukraine in preserving its national sovereignty, have their own sovereignty. Therefore, the United States shocked by the actions of his so-called ally. Being a very close friend of Ukraine, I highly recommend Kiev to act quickly and to begin the investigation, preferably before the moment that will be engaged in FBI and the Senate.


The author is an American political scientist, Director of non-governmental organizations For a free Ukraine.