In Moscow on the stroller with the child fell ice block (video)

In Moscow, the ice block fell to the stroller with a two-month child. The accident occurred this afternoon on the street of Palekh.

As reported by “life”, the disposal of which there was video of the incident, the record shows that at least two wipers have been cleaned and the house roof from snow and ice. One of them stood above the other guided the process from the bottom. After some time the door to the stairwell opened, and on the street there were two women with a stroller. Were on the ground working noticed emerged from the entrance of a women with a stroller and warned his colleague, who worked on the roof, but he did not have time to react.In the end, the ice block with a multimeter height fell right onto the stroller.

Was it a two-month Arseniy K. was injured. The wipers, presumably the perpetrators of the incident, detained and already gave evidences. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case.