War of mercenaries

History knows numerous wars, filled with the spirit of chivalry, courage, bravery, heroism and sacrifice. All these qualities are necessary for close combat. White or edged weapon (sword, spear, hammer, shield) reduces the distance between the opponents.

In these wars did not resort to the recruitment of mercenaries. The military industry was the key to this powerful state. It was the duty and the need for its residents, who hid his vices and fears, so as to enjoy respect and honor. They were always ready to defend the homeland, if she was in danger of invasion or to protect its external borders to ensure security.


In other words, before the war demanded the harsh training of a soldier, who had to master the technique of fast movement, retreat and attack. And discipline and to coordinate its actions with the group to which it belongs. Fighter should be skilled at using bladed weapons. If the unit is the Royal army, he possesses these qualities and a high moral spirit, the possession of weapons, the ability to resist the enemies and the ability to perform various maneuvers.

The readiness of the Empire is enough to wage a war to the conflicts have ended, especially if the opponent knows how to force his enemy to fight. Hence the principle of “balance of terror”, which is popular in preventing war in the modern world. When this principle was violated, Sparta, the “city of sport”, able to take and to conquer Athens, the “city of philosophers”, which was useful for its culture and civilization.

However, ancient history is known a kind of mercenaries. Or rather a form of “rent” the strongest to the weakest. Thus the Arabs welcomed the troops of Ahmedov from the Sasanian Empire (Persia), located on the outskirts of the Iraqi desert in exchange for their protection within the borders of the desert. Also the Arabs-Gassendi welcomed the Roman Empire, which played the role of “warning bells”, poveselilo about the dangers of the wilderness.

Gassendi and Lahmidi not consider themselves mercenaries. Gassendi who were Christians fought against the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), together with Arab Muslims who liberated the Levant from the Romans. As for Ahmedov, they were ArabIsraeli and embraced Islam. These invaders left their mark on Arab history, which drowned amongst the Arab invaders of Iraq and Iran.


Arab state, which was not mercenaries — the Nabataean Kingdom (Palmyra). It reached the height of its prosperity and development in the era of the reign of Queen Zenobia. The Roman Emperor Aurelian made war on Nabatea, destroying its capital Palmyra. To our days have survived the evidence of the greatness of this civilization. However, the terrorist organization ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) has destroyed part of this great Arab heritage.

In the modern era thrives another “policy” of warfare — wars using various tools. The major countries of the region, as a rule, use of mercenaries to fight with his enemies. This phenomenon has become one of the features of this century.


© RIA Novosti, Mikhail Alaeddin | go to photobacteria architectural complex of Ancient Palmyra in the Syrian province of HOMS

In particular, Africa was the scene of military operations, which killed millions of people. The war took place in Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and other countries. And all of them were managed by “remote control” of the major European countries. Cuban leader Fidel Castro sent his army to Africa to help the “left” countries to get rid of colonialism.

Israel twice used mercenaries for the war with the Arabs. In the Suez war (1956) Israel was involved in the triangle of joint action with France and Britain to overthrow the regime of Gamal Abdel Nasser and taking control of the Suez canal. But, the American President Dwight Eisenhower saved Nasser, forcing the three countries to withdraw from Egypt.

American President Lyndon Johnson Israel used in the war for the destruction of the project of Arab nationalism of Gamal Nasser. To date, no known about the role of the Syrian Alawite regime in the involvement of Gamal Nasser in the war, which was not ready for it.

Another American President, George W. Bush hired mercenaries of the Iraqi Shiite parties for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Yes, Saddam was a heavy burden for the Arabs and the international system, but shouldn’t have had to overthrow his regime. However, American presidents Bush and Obama welcomed the invasion of Iraq Iranian agents that was a strategic mistake that led to the prosperity of the terrorism in the face of ISIS, the avenger of the Shiites and the United States. The Arabs lost Iraq, which was the Foundation for their dream of a United Arab nation. And it helped Iran to dominate in Syria, Lebanon and allowed him to get to Yemen.


© AP Photo Karim Kadim, FileИракские fighters of the Shiite tribal militia that joined the state troops in the fight against “Islamic state”


In Iran, the murderous regime, hired multinational organizations, militias and mercenaries, who fight for it, to avoid accusations from the international community and the Arab world in the direct participation in the wars that destroy the stability and security in the Arab region.

A few weeks ago it was confirmed the existence of a real army of Iranian mercenaries who are fighting in the Syrian desert under the command of Qassem Soleimani, head of the special forces “al-Quds”. He even got to Jerusalem, but has already reached the cities of raqqa and Deir ez-Zor to prevent the domination of the United States and its Kurdish mercenaries in the Eastern part of Syria instead of ISIS.
In the desert of the Levant is a regional-international war involving the United States, Europe, Turkey, the Gulf countries and armies of mercenaries, consisting of Kurds, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, Egyptians, Arabs from the Gulf countries, Chechens, Afghans and others. Soleimani brought to the desert Shiite militia composed of mercenaries-the Ismailis of Northern Afghanistan.

Two million Afghan Shiites living in Iran, want to return with their families to Afghanistan or to fight as mercenaries in Syria in the future to migrate to this country. Iranian missiles hit ISIS in raqqa, according to Iran. They fall on the Kurdish mercenaries to settle scores with the United States. To protect them, the U.S. shot down two Syrian aircraft. Many of the soldiers fled, were killed and injured. Was lost about 400 thousand recruits, who constituted the regular army.

Army of mercenaries will reach the cities of raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. Will start a new war using mercenary forces. There the confrontation between Russia, which uses the Iranian mercenaries and the U.S.-based Kurdish separatists, to complete the creation of their own new entity on the ruins of Syria.