Why hair falls out and how to fight it: a scientific response

Hair – the best decoration of any woman. Often upset hair that constantly fall out. The most common cause of hair loss is stress.

Scientists came to the conclusion that under the influence of adrenaline is a spasm of blood vessels that feed the bulb, and the blood flow to it is blocked. Tire locks and hard ultraviolet rays have time over the summer to cause the strands a lot of damage. But soft UV, on the contrary, strengthens the follicles and has been successfully used by trichologists, reports Lisa.

How much hair fall normal?

The day normally we lose 50 to 100, maximum 150 hair. But it is in theory, in practice it is different. If you do not wash your hair a week, collect them in the tail and go whole days, then do not panic on seeing the carpet of hair on the bottom of the bath after washing the head. 500-700 pieces there may be, and nothing wrong with that.

The phase of active hair growth (anagen) lasts in women 5-7 years. Strands rest just a few weeks (catagen phase): at this time, the follicle dries up, deflates and moves closer to the surface. Then begins a transition period telogen, which occupies 3 of the month: new pushes out the old bulb out and the hair falls out.

Test for hair loss

To find out why hair falls out, try a simple test 3 days after shampooing. Run your fingers in the hair at the roots, make a fist and pull down to the tips of the hair. “Card” so the entire head, collecting the rest in the hands of the hair on a piece of paper.

The result: more of Them 15? There is a reason for concern! During the day you can fall 10 times more hair, but 15 at one time too much.

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Evaluate the condition of the bulbs with a magnifying glass. If they are light, with clear outlines, it’s all right: change of the hair goes on. But if dark, shrunken, then the hairs are going on purpose. It happens after childbirth: during pregnancy hair loss slows down, and then they leave the head in unison.

And the hair starts to fall out within 2-4 months after the taking antibiotics when you have long forgotten that they were drinking some kind of ampicillin.

How to stop hair loss

To stop the process of hair loss those hair that it was time to leave the head, they’ve already outlived her. But it is possible to stimulate the remaining in the state of anagen growth.

To grow fast and thick hair help vitamins a, C and b plus a main each hair – vitamin H (Biotin). Its deficiency is the most common cause of hair problems. A lot of it in beef and pork, as well as (in descending order) in eggs, corn, peas, oatmeal, wheat germ, cod, melted cheese, and sea buckthorn.

By the way, shampoo and the mask based on sea buckthorn perfectly strengthens hair roots.

Why hair falls out

One of the reasons for hair loss – a cervical osteochondrosis. If the infringement of the nerve roots between the damaged vertebrae is disturbed tone regulation of blood vessels that feed the follicles, and hair thinning.

To avoid this, regularly massage the back of the neck and shoulders, paying special attention to pain points. If the hair began to climb and you don’t understand why hair falls out, it makes sense to check your thyroid. Perhaps the reason is iodine deficiency.

Desalinate ready meals with iodized salt (while boiling, the iodine evaporates out of it), eat seaweed, seafood. At the same time submit to a blood test for erythrocyte, hemoglobin and serum iron. If not, the cells of hair follicles “choke”.

The best sources of iron: liver, kidney, and red meat, sprinkle with lemon. In acidic medium iron is better absorbed.